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Updated 14/01/2001

Meat not fit for pet food either

THE PET Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) is extremely concerned about the recent revelations in the press regarding the meat industry fraud. The materials referred to would not have been fit for pet food use.

Members of the PFMA take the responsibility for feeding the nations pets’ very seriously. There is strict legislation governing what can and cannot be used in pet food and our policy is very clear:
PFMA Members only use materials taken from healthy animals which have been inspected and passed as fit for human consumption.

PFMA Members only use materials from animals that are accepted in the human food chain e.g. beef, lamb, poultry, pork. The animal materials used are the by-products of the human food industry comprising those parts of the animal which are either surplus to human requirements or not normally consumed by people in the UK e.g. heart, tripe.

Members, says a press release issued last week, are encouraged to have in place string in-house quality assurance policies. These policies include stringent specifications for materials supplies, routine testing of incoming materials and quality control systems.

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