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Updated 14/01/2001

             photo by Maynard Collins
Northern Ireland Show Dog Of The Year 2000

The winner of the Northern Ireland Show Dog of the Year 2000 competition sponsored by OUR DOGS & hosted by Queen's Island CC was Miss Cathy Neill's Kerry Blue, Ch, Ir Ch Kensbridge Karbon Kopy, the Runner up was Mr Stephen Lloyd's Lhasa Apso Ir Ch Owenavera Lying Eyes.

They are pictured with from left to right Mrs Andrea Stubbs, Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter, Mrs Meriel Hathaway, Mr John Mutter and Mr Tom Bailey.


Northern Ireland Show Dog and Show Puppy of the Year 2000

Less than two weeks after securing the title of Pedigree Chum Irish Dog of the Year 2000, Cathy Neill’s homebred Kerry Blue Terrier, Gb & Ir Ch Kensbridge Karbon Kopy also laid claim to the title of Northern Ireland Show Dog of the Year, 2000.
Bailey claimed the Northern title by beating the other thirty-one finalists to the top spot in the event organised by Queens Island Canine Club at the Highways Hotel in Larne on Saturday, 6th January. He carried off, as did all the main winners, several pieces of beautiful crystal and assorted silverware which were sponsored by OUR DOGS and Pedigree Chum. All competitors received a commemorative rosette and an OUR DOGS diary.

As this event is run by special permission of the Kennel Club, naturally only wins at English Kennel Club shows qualified dogs for this event The committee, quite rightly, insisted on using graded criteria which ensured that only the top dogs actually qualified for the event. There was a slight variation to the format of the competition this year in that, during the morning, two judges both assessed each exhibit and separately awarded points out of a maximum of 50. These two scores were then added, totalled and the top six scoring dogs were then invited to return in the evening to take part in the grand final. The two judges for the main event this year were Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter and Mrs Meriel Hathaway. The after-dinner final was judged by Mr John Mutter.


After Mr Mutter had examined all the seven finalists (yes, there were seven instead of six finalists as two dogs had actually tied on sixth place), silence descended on the audience as the four top placings were announced in reverse order. In fourth spot was Eva Keenan’s Miniature Poodle Ir Ch Tirkane Another Fantasy For Heneva. Andrew, who was handled in the ring by Henry Stanley, has four BIS win and numerous reserve BIS and group placings under his belt. He was also runner-up NI Utility Pup of the Year a couple of years ago. Andrew is obviously trying to emulate the example set by his father, Int. Ch. Bedingfields the Power of One who Henry campaigned to his Irish title before he went out to the Continent to collect a fistful of titles. In third spot was Joan and Brian Lyons’ Newfoundland, Ir Ch Newfamble Ripple; Dean has several Best in Show and reserve BIS wins to his credit this year. As the tension mounted, Stephen Lloyd’s homebred Lhasa Apso, Ir Ch Owenavera Lying Eyes was declared NI Reserve Show Dog of the Year, 2000. Dudley’s parents have both won Utility Dog of the Year in the past and his brother and sisters have become Irish and New Zealand champions so he was obviously upholding the family tradition of winning top awards. Dudley has also won five groups at both championship and open show level as well as BPIS awards at Open shows in NI and reserve BIS at South Tipperary Championship Show. The spectators expressed their agreement with the announcement that the winner was Cathy Neill’s Gb & Ir Ch Kensbridge Karbon Kopy. Cathy must be running out of space at home to display all the prizes won this year as Bailey has clocked up three Best in Show awards under IKC rules at Dundalk, Drogheda and Dublin Championship shows together with Best in Show at South Wales as well as numerous Terrier Groups.

The other three finalists on the night were Roy McCleave’s Irish Setter, Raesha Caoimhe, Gerry McFaul’s Standard Long Haired Dachshund, Gb & Ir Sh Ch Glasvey Lilac and Marleen and Maynard Collins’ Australian Shepherd Dog, Ir Ch Accra Limited Addition.


During the afternoon, Mrs Purnell-Carpenter and Mrs Hathaway had run the rule over the qualifiers for the NI Pup of the Year competition. The names of the six top-scoring puppies were then announced and these returned to the ring after the Show Dog of the Year had been announced. Mr Mutter examined and moved all six dogs and awarded points out of 50. Once again the results were announced in reverse order. However, there had been a tie in the scores for third spot so the three judges, after moving both dogs concerned once again, conferred and decided that third place should go Carole and Sam Laverty’s homebred Basset, Lisnoe Firedancer while fourth spot would go to Gillian Mathews’ Shih Tzu, Virtulvilage Little Huligan. The Reserve Pup of the Year, 2000 was then declared to be Viven Coulter’s homebred Whippet, Collooney Silver Silas. Then, much to the delight of Jimmy and May McFarlane, their Lhasa Apso, Saxonsprings Golden Wispa with Michaedo was crowned Northern Ireland Puppy of the Year, 2000. Fourteen month old Lincoln, who is named after the famous Abraham, won his first GS two weeks previously to add to the six he collected as a puppy. And not to be forgotten, as it is an achievement in itself to make the grand final in such strong company, the other two puppy finalists were Peter Embelton’s Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernemcourt Enchantment and Janet Duke and Tracey Gill’s Moirabank Shasta.

Mrs Hathaway also judged the finals of the Northern Ireland Junior Handler of the Year during the break between the Show Dog and Pup of the Year preliminary rounds. Class A was won by Brett Connolly with his Maltese, Sinissipi Gotta Be Gucci while Class B was won by Nicola Erwin with her Whippet, Rusden Memphis Belle. Mrs Hathway awarded the overall title of Northern Ireland Junior Handler 2000 to a delighted Nicola Erwin.

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