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Updated 14/01/2001

Puppies Missing

TWO LITTERS of puppies were stolen from their breeders recently, prompting fears of another spate of “stealing to order” which seems to occur at this time of year.

On December 29th 2000, four Beagle puppies were stolen from the home of breeder M. Hutchinson at Misterton, Crewkerne, Somerset.

The Beagles are all tattooed in their ears and are described as follows: one nine month old tri-colour bitch, with tan head, white legs and tummy with brown spots, standing 14” high. Her ear tattoo number is PK20. Three four month old, one dog and two bitches, all litter mates with very similar markings.

The dogs’ ear tattoo number is PK24, the two bitches’ numbers being PK26 and PK27, all tattoos being very clearly marked. Any information pertaining to the stolen puppies should be notified to Mr M Hutchinson on: 01460-72626 or e-mail:

The second theft took place in the early hours of Saturday January 6th when four 7 week old Boxer puppies were stolen from the Bolton home of breeder Joe Chadwick (Le Creme Boxers). The puppies are described as follows: two “flashy” red and white bitches, one “Flashy” red and white dog and one white bitch with a red patch over one eye.

There is a £500 reward for the safe return of all four puppies. Please contact Joe Chadwick on: 01204 430025.

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