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(Updated 8/7/01)

Charity reaches out to new audience

THE BLUE Cross, one of Britain’s best loved animal welfare charities, hopes to bring its work to a wider audience, under the leadership of new Chief Executive, John Rutter.

Formerly Managing director of an international brand identification business, Mr Rutter said: ‘The blue Cross has a remarkable 104-year history and has built up an enviable reputation as a leader in the filed of animal welfare. today’s challenge is to reach out to the younger generation, whilst building on our relationship with current supporters.’

He went on to say: ‘The Blue Cross has so much to offer both companion animals and the people who care for them, not least the loving homes it finds for thousands of pets every year, the veterinary care provided by its hospitals and its ongoing pledge to promote compassionate pet ownership. We help thousands of animals and owners each year – our aim now is to reach to even more.’

Mr Rutter also has a personal reason for supporting The Blue Cross, for many years his family has provided a home for donkeys, which he describes as wonderful companions and great listeners.