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(Updated 8/7/01)

East Midland Puppy Challenge

COALVILLE CS recently hosted the East Midland Puppy Challenge at the Coach and Horses, Markfield, Leicestershire. There were twelve societies represented by their qualifiers.

Mrs Mavis Sykes was the chosen judge for the evening. The event started off with a draw for round one by drawing out two dogs each time to compete against each other. The winners from each round meeting the other winners from the previous round.

Finally ending up with three dogs to choose the best in the challenge. The judge chose the final winner, Mr J Waterfield’s Whippet Nevedith Zedfa Zappa at Aquilegia from West Bridgeford CS.

A raffle followed by a buffet finished off a pleasant evening. A total of £100 was raised for charity to be divided between the PDSA, NCDL, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and Redgates.