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(Updated 8/7/01)

Nippon Yoshi Yorkshire Terrier Show

by Barry Handforth

THE ENTRY for the show was complementary, it was in excess of 100 exhibits and was a great experience to judge in a very unusual venue. The ring was one of the most beautifully decorated rings I have seen, together with the exquisite sunshine it made a perfect day.

The exhibits overall were well presented, coat texture excellent, colours conformed very well within the breed standard. My winners all moved very satisfactorily showing off their true virtues.

Best in show was JKC Ch. Blue Rose of Princess Betty (b), an outstanding exhibit, beautiful coat and colours, sweet head kind eye, moved and showed very well. Best opposite sex - Yoshisige’s Little Sum Jp Junior (d). Best puppy Masako’s Frank of Sundale (d). Best baby puppy (for exhibits over 3 months) Kirika of Most Club (b).

Barry Handforth