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(Updated 8/7/01)

Quality dogs in South Korea

by Jean Lanning


AN INVITATION to judge in South Korea was something special. We have been told so often that “they eat dogs in Korea”. So for me, it was an opportunity too good to miss! I had to go and see for myself. The Koreans are a friendly people and, I am told on good authority, very honest. I certainly found them so, and it is cetainly a country I plan to return to again, soon!

The one day show was held in the Olympic Games complex. One could not wish for a better venue as it allowed for large spacious rings. An entry of 350m dogs, with the 120 German Shepherds, being taken by a German Judge, and the local breed, – an attractive ‘spitz’ type breed, something between a Norwegian Buhund and a Siberian Husky - was judged by a local judge.

The show had an official opening, with speeches, a military band, and the National Anthem, for the Koreans have a great pride in their country.

I found some breeds particularly strong in quality. They are importing mainly from Japan and Russia, so the registered names would convey little if anything to breeders at home.

There were some quite lovely Maltese, beautifully presented as well. They had excellent dark pigment, dark eyes and good mouths. the owner keeps twenty, and is evidentally a clever breeder. She tells me she has never imported, and her original stock came from an older breeder in Korea.

Jean Lanning