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(Updated 19/7/01)

Apologies - Mrs Arch

OUR DOGS would like to apologise to Mrs Ann Arch for the error in the front page story in last week’s issue. In referring to Mrs Arch and the KC Judges’ Sub Committee we incorrectly suggested that she was the new chairman of this committee instead of a new member.

To further clarify this matter we have pleasure in repeating below the corrected paragraphs:
The new member of the Judges’ Sub Committee Mrs Ann Arch has indicated that she will no longer accept invitations to complete judges’ questionnaires.

When invited to stand and before the ballot, Mrs Ann Arch made it known that, should she be elected, she would not accept any further invitations to complete Judges' Questionnaires for new breeds during her term of service on that Sub Committee. She will, if invited, continue to judge breeds to which she has previously been approved to award CCs. This decision was confirmed in writing to The Kennel Club Chairman on June 19th immediately after the General Committee Ballot.