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(Updated 19/7/01)

Bakewell - Award winning show

Those of you who read OUR DOGS regularly will remember the Golden Bone Awards which took place earlier this year.

This year was the inaugeral year, organised by The Pet Role Trust in association with Our Dogs. Categories included open show, writer, campaigner, Working Dog, Charity etc, covering the year 2000. Societies were nominated by the dog showing fraternity before Christmas 2000 and the top nominations in each section were included in a ballot appearing in OUR DOGS during the early part of this year.

The winners received their awards at the ‘Golden Bone Awards Ball’ held in Manchester in February.

The winner of the Best Open Show 2000 was the Bakewell Show, a two day day Open Show. This year will be Bakewell’s 171st show and it will be held on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd August.

The main emphasis on this year’s show will of course be the dogs show but also the fur & feather show and the flower show.

The foot and mouth problems has meant that no farm animals will be on display but everything else is ready and raring to go!

The award Bakewell Show received will be on display in the secretary’s tent over the two days. so make sure you go and have a look. Those of you who nominated and/or voted for the awards helped make it happen and the Bakewell committee is grateful for your support and would love to see you and your families at the show.

Judging begins at 10 am and with a record entry this year it is day out not to be missed.