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(Updated 19/7/01)

The Judges' Working Party and Supported Entry Open Shows

The Judges’ Working Party recently reviewed the number of Supported Entry Open Shows which have taken place as a result of previous Judges’ Working Party recommendations.

As originally envisaged the Supported Entry Open Shows have become very popular, in many cases boosting Open Show entries. However, the Judges Working Party has stressed that in order for the Supported Entry Open Shows to have a greater effect a minimum and maximum number of scheduled classes must be adhered to by both Breed Clubs and General Open Show Societies.

To clarify the position on this matter, for a show to receive official ‘supported entry status’ it must schedule a minimum of five classes and a maximum of 12 classes for the breed.

As always, The Kennel Club would welcome any comments regarding the Supported Entry Open shows from General Open Show Societies and Breed Clubs.