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(Updated 27/7/01)

Good citizens, Gundogs and chips too!

Good Citizens, Gundogs and chips too! The Kennel Club is pleased to advise that a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Ring will be located at the National Gundog Association Championship Show on Saturday 4th August 2001, to be held at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. Good Citizen Bronze Award testing and a microchipping service will be available to all exhibitors attending the show. Exhibitors will need to bring with them, a suitable collar & lead with attached identification tag and most importantly a poop scoop. The Scheme is designed to promote responsible dog ownership for all types of dogs young or old and features all aspects of dog ownership including exercise, control, grooming, basic obedience and general health care. Now in its ninth year the Scheme is promoted in over 1000 dog training organisations throughout the UK. To date 50,000 dogs have graduated through the initial Bronze level. A donation of 1.00 per dog will be required for each participant taking the Bronze test, which will be donated, to the National Gundog Association nominated canine charity. The cost for microchipping will be 15.00, however dogs possessing a Good Citizen Bronze Award pass certificate will be able to be chipped at a discounted rate of 12.50.

A description of the Scheme can be obtained from the ringside at the show or from The Kennel Good Citizen Dog Scheme office on telephone number 0207 518 1011 or e-mail ''