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(Updated 27/7/01)

Junior Handling News

The Flat Coated Retriever Society

The standard of handling overall was very high. 6-11yrs 1 Sarah Ruth Trevor, handled v well, v encouraging & gentle with her dog at all times, kept a gd eye on me throughout & carried out my instructions with gd control of her dog. 2 Joe McDonald, again kept a gd eye on me whilst handling & talked to his dog at all times. 3 Gardner, sorry I have no record of your first name, v gentle with her dog & with gd encouragement at all times. 12-16 yrs 1 Kate Vincent, v observant throughout the class, kept gd control of her dog whilst moving in patterns & standing in line up, v clean cut movements & v encouraging to her dogs at all times, exc handling. 2 Vicky Eggington, v close between 1 & 2, again exc handling, v gentle & encouraging to her dog, had control at all times & kept a gd, careful eye on me, moved around her dog well when on the move. 3 Lindsay Trevor, handled dog v well, observant as to where I was in the ring, and kept gd control of her dog whilst moving & standing.

Jodie Carl

Bath championship show

First Day 6-11 yrs (5) 1 Sarah Mathews; Pomeranian, table work was v gd, presented her dog nicely with precise pattern work & exc lead control & moved at correct pace, should have a promising future. 12-16 yrs (4) 1 Amber Henshaw; Pekingese, gd table work & exc lead work, she has sound understanding of gd rapport with her dog, well handled overall. 2 Kelly Pearman; Scottish Terrier, gd handler, both presentation & pattern work were gd & nice rapport with his dog, brought him v close to 1. Second Day 6-11 yrs (5) 1 Natasha Samria; Hungarian Viszla, v competent young handler, straight & precise movement & very well presented her dog, well done. 2 Joe MacDonald; Irish R & W Setter another gd handler, performed all patterns I asked of him, v close to 1. 3 Claire McGrath; Retriever (Flat Coated). 12-16 yrs (10) 1 Kate Vincent; Retriever (Flat Coated), v well presented, patterns carried out correctly, always in harmony with her dog, a v nice stylish handler who soon become a top class handler in the near future. 2 Nicola Johnston; Gordon Setter, another gd handler who was v close to 1, she performed the pattern well & kept an eye on the judge at all times. 3 Stephanie Lansdell, Pointer. Third Day 6-11 yrs (11) 1 Fiona Mycroft, Dobermann, a v gd handler who controlled her charge in sympathetic manner, her patterns & also her presentation were exc, she should have a promising future. 2 Hollie Guichard; Shetland Sheepdog, another impressive little girl, her presentation & movement were precise & she instructed her dog v well, she must be a promising handler. 3 Kelly Freeman; Shetland Sheepdog. 12-16 yrs (14) 1 Amy bennett; Border Collie, smartly dressed, she had a very sympathetic manner & her pattern work was well completed. She has a gd awareness of the judge & could become a top handler in the near future. 2 Rachel Fludder; Australian Shepherd Dog, another v nice handler, exc in the rapport, alignment, lead control & presentation, v close to 1. 3 Stephanie Lansdell; Border Collie. Fourth Day 6-11 yrs (16) 1 Emily Thornton; Beagle, handled her charge with confidence, a gd rapport with her dog & kept her concentration on both the judge & dog at all times, she presented v nicely , will become a top class junior handler. 2 Heather Rose; Beagle, another nice handler, presentation & pattern work was v gd & she handled gently & sympathetically & her corner work was exc, she was v close to 1 & will change places easily on another day. 3 Rachel George; Schnauzer. 12-16 yrs (12) 1 Lucy Dixon; Miniature Schnauzer, presentation was first class with her v nice red dress, she gaited her dog at the correct speed keeping alignments straight at all times, one of my favourite handling styles, she should have a promising future. 2 Annabel Davies; Tibetan Terrier, another exc handler with a v gd rapport with her dogs, she performed all the patterns with a calm & efficient manner & must have a v rosy future. 3 Jodie Harrison; Standard Poodle.

Ayako Nishi

Peterborough DCS

6-11 yrs (5) 1 Emily Buck, showed her Cocker Spaniel with kindness & enthusiasm. Neat straight lines demonstrated when moving her exhibit. Kept her on the judge & v calm. 2 David Scott, aged 10, showed his enthusiastic Siberian Husky v well. Kept his eye on judge, lost out to winner on deviation in straight lines on return to judge. Left plenty of room between himself & dog so judge could see dog to advantage. 3 Abbey Mason. 12-16 yrs (8) 1 Lewis Richardson, 12 yrs, young man who showed his Whippet v professionally. Nice neat lines & kept Whippet looking his best at all times. Perhaps slightly overdid the talk between him & his exhibit, but nevertheless v gd. Well done. 2 Amy Bennett, showed a Border Collie v well. excelled in keeping eye on judge at all times. Perhaps could have given herself a little more room when when showing to enable the best to made of her exhibit. 3 Lindsay Cross.

Would like to commend Kelly Shaw, who was showing a Sheltie. This was apparently her first time showing & although not in the first three, was v professional & did v well.

C Boggia