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(Updated 1/6/01)


Group Judges Reports

Terrier Group :

Judge - Monica Boggia Black

THE ATMOSPHERE of the build up to a group at Crufts is without doubt unique, and I was very conscious of the honour afforded me. Dogs and handlers, except perhaps the most experienced, have extra pressure to contend with, and in the Terrier group - where showmanship and handling is paramount - not all exhibitors can cope.
Arrangements, as always, were perfect - from the judge’s briefing by Dr Barbour to the quiet efficient direction of the big ring by the stewards.

For my first cut I chose the Airedale Terrier, Jackson & Swash’s Ch Am It Greenfield Captain Fantastic; the Cesky Terrier, Fewing’s Komidion Bohemian Bliss at Vandell; the Wire Fox Terrier Magill’s Fairwyre Commander at Grambrae; the Kerry Blue Ramsay’s Torums Tunde Bayou; the Norfolk Terrier Phillips & Gullick’s Ch Jaeva Dutch Gold; the Norwich Terrier Phillips & Gullick’s Ch Jaeva Jailhouse Rock and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier McGunnigle’s Ladarna Birthday Boy. I felt that all of these were excellent and typical examples of the particular breed.

Best of group was the Kerry Blue Terrier, expertly handled and presented, which in my opinion stood out. This dog has a superb head, neck and shoulders, lovely front and feet, good body and topline and moved absolutely soundly from every angle and with tremendous drive. I had no hesitation in giving him the group.

Second was the Stafford, again a lovely head, super front and feet, a really good ribcage. Lovely short loin and excellent hindquarters and another great mover. Like the Kerry he never put a foot wrong or stopped showing, and what a lovely size.

Third was the Wire Fox Terrier, immaculately presented with a really hard close coat - a lovely balanced terrier, as sound as a bell.

Fourth place was a hard to choose competition between the Norfolk and the Norwich, both outstanding specimens of their breed and favourites of mine. In the end it came down to the more positive movement and showmanship at that moment.

Monica Boggia Black

Hound Group

Judge - Roy Metcalfe

THE dogs sent forward by the breed judges were of a very high standard and the judges are to be complimented. From the excellent line-up I shortlisted eight dogs, but could easily have shortlisted more.

The dogs chosen were the Basenji, Singleton’s Ch Jethard Cidevant; the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen; Gadsby & Robertson’s Willowbrae Amazing Grace For Afterglow; the Beagle, Bothwell’s Norcis Mrs Madrigal; the Miniature Longhaired Dachshund, Lockett’s Ch Ralines Royal Acclaim; the Wirehaired Dachshund, Poulter’s Ch Lanketty Black Bryony; the Greyhound, Lewis’ Poldory Awake With Joy At Belleek; the Irish Wolfhound, Malley’s Ch Ainsea The Diplomat, and the Whippet, Gilmour & Ross’ Ch Khabaray Single Malt At Dumbriton.

Group 1, I chose the Basenji, Ch Jethard Cidevant. Lightly built red and white dog, beautifully balanced in stance and on the move. Very good head and eye with excellent small ears correctly placed giving a wonderful expression. Good front, small compact feet. High tailset highlighting the excellent quarters. The movement was free and effortless. He was presented to great advantage and handled to perfection. A great credit to Mr Quinney the judge who sent this top class dog through to the group.

Group 2 was the Irish Wolfhound, Ch Ainsea The Diplomat. A beautiful majestic dog of great size and substance. Super muscletone. Beautifully balanced in head with correct eye. Excellent front, very good feet. Deep chest with the correct arch to loin. The depth and width of this dog was excellent. Moved with great ease and stride. An outstanding dog which ran the winner very close indeed. Dare i say, the best yet from this famous kennel. Presented and handled to perfection.

Group 3 was the Beagle, Norcis Mrs Madrigal. Top quality bitch who, I was later told, had gained her title on the day. Excellent balanced outline. Best of shoulders and fronts, firm well muscled quarters. Correct tight, firm feet. I thought that the head on this bitch was super with well placed dark eyes giving the desired soft expression often lacking in the breed. Very sound on the move, although on the final run off just a little lazy.

Group 4 was the Greyhound, Poldory Awake With Joy At Beeleek. Brindle bitch, excellent outline both standing and moving. Deep well sprung ribs, capacious chest, correct back with strong, powerful loins. Very good feet. Pleasing head with well set oval eyes. This bitch was in excellent condition and handled sympathetically to advantage.

Roy Metcalfe

Toy Group

Judge - Terry Nethercott

IT WAS indeed a privilege and a pleasure to be invited to judge the Toy group at this most prestigious show and, without doubt, the highlight of my judging career. Having such a strong group made it a super day.

I pulled out eight dogs for further consideration: Rix & Lymer’s CKCS, Ch Ricksbury Royal Legend; Stone & Cox’s Chinese Crested, Ch Blandora Rock ‘N’ Robin Avec Vanitonia; Mercer’s Griffon Bruxellois, Ch Fennymore Spanking Good Time; Hunter’s Italian Greyhound, Ch Salatini Poeme; Coaker’s Japanese Chin, Ch Homerbrent Mare Na; Easdon & Martin’s Pekingese, Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison; Smith’s Pomeranian, Ch Moonrae Ebony Hot Shot and Sameja’s Yorkshire Terrier, Ozmilion Appreciation.

Coming out on top was the Pekingese, his conformation was excellent and was presented and prepared to perfection. I heard after judging it was Mr ‘American Pekingese’ David Fitzpatrick, who has worked so hard on this super dog. He was not just groomed, but sculptured to absolute perfection.

Group 2 was the cracking Chinese Crested, another excellent exhibit, handled to get the best out of him, so exciting to see him on the move, and deserved his placing.

Group 3 went to the smart black Pom, excellent make and shape with correct coat texture, looked so good moving in complete unison with his handler.

Group 4 was the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I have judged this dog before and he is still looking the part, so sound with super head and expression, moved so well, shown in tip-top condition, well deserved his placing.

Terry Nethercott

Utility Group

Judge - Joyce W Mann

AS ALWAYS, it is an honour to judge a group, especially at this, the most prestigious Dog Show of the Year. Crufts is, in one word, magical.

First class dogs entered the ring, all beautifully prepared and presented, and I was spoilt for choice with this galaxy of stars.

My final eight were: Miniature Schnauzer, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu; Tibetan Terrier; Dalmatian; Lhasa Apso; Schnauzer and Tibetan Spaniel.

The winner of the Utility group was the lovely black Toy Poodle, Ch Aeden Double Delight, feminine little lady, owned and bred by Mrs B and Miss S Godefroy. This little toy is well named, a delightful bitch, full of breed type, quality and ‘star appeal’, so sound throughout. Loved her head, eye and expression, firm body, sound front, good neck, rib and body. Well angulated rear and a well set tail. Moved so stylishly, presentation first class.

Group 2, Clark, Betts, Scanlon and Frost’s Miniature Schnauzer, Ir Ch Clark Mars Freddie Star, soundly constructed dog, has style and quality. A lovely head, expression and good bite, good shoulder placement, good bone and feet. Presented in good muscular condition, which showed in his movement. Covered the ground with drive, presented in excellent condition.

Group 3, Goodwin’s Shih Tzu, Cabbala the Cutting Edge, a beautiful young bitch with bags of style and quality, so soundly constructed. Super head, eye, alert expression, kept her topline on the move, beautifully prepared for the show ring.

Group 4 was White’s Tibetan Terrier, Silveridge Ginger Dun of Gulgates, sound moving attractive dog with plenty of confidence. Level topline on the move, beautiful coat of good texture, lots of style and glamour. Presentation first class.

Joyce W Mann

Gundog Group

Judge - Frank Kane

I THOUGHT it was a beautiful line up of Gundogs and I was really spoilt for choice. Limited to a first cut of eight, I chose the German Shorthaired Pointer Ch Seashine Periwinkle; the German Wirehaired Pointer, Ch Normbar Valhalle; the Hungarian Vizsla, Sh Ch Kazval Keats; the Pointer, Sh Ch Calderside Love In A Mist at Wherathy; the Cocker Spaniel, Jozelah Classic Moods; the Curly Coated Retriever, Sh Ch Cwmgilli Independent Image; the Sussex Spaniel, Niriti Brown Hairstreak and the Welsh Springer, Sh Ch Cleavehill Brynberrys.

I thought these all were full of breed type and quality and were performing well, which is so important at this level of competition. A couple of other dogs I really liked looked a little jaded at the end of a long day.

I also really liked the Large Munsterlander bitch, Sh Ch Ichbin Heavensent of Yeldoaks.

The GSP at nine-and-a-half is the shape, size and pattern I admire in this breed, he was in superb condition.
The Hungarian Vizsla has lovely shape and balance, glorious colour, coat and skin and super in profile action.
The young black Cocker bitch really lives up to the epithet of the merry Cocker, and is free from exaggeration.

For group 4 I chose the young Sussex dog, whom I admired immediately for his type, superb soundness, beautiful coat and topline.

In third place was the outstanding example of a Curly Coated Retriever, it was hard to only give her third but such was the quality and competition. She is beautifully balanced, feminine and has substance with her quality. She is a beautiful mover.

In second place was the Welsh Springer, glorious colour, beautiful breed type and balance and she gave a very confident and stylish performance. I thought she looked wonderful.

The outstanding winner for me was the glorious Pointer, who came into the ring looking a million dollars with lashing tail and beautiful flowing lines, she is all the breed should be and beautiful from head to tail. She had the presence and style to take this super group and I was proud to send her forward to represent the Gundog group in the final, where she gave another lovely performance.

It was a great honour and a great pleasure for me to judge a superb collection of dogs.

Frank Kane

Working Group

Judge- Margaret Everton

MY GOOD fortune to be invited to judge this group continued through the day, from the start of the line-up with the Alaskan Malamute to the last, the Tibetan Mastiff. Judges of the breeds sent in some excellent representatives. I haven’t seen such a good working group for quite a while.

My first cut included Ramsing’s Bernese Mountain Dog, the dog Bennattas Sixten; Anderson & Frost’s Dobermann dog Chancepixies Monopolist; Magg’s Giant Schnauzer dog, Ch Foxwood Incognito; Nagrecha’s Saint Bernard dog, Ch Snowshires Ritchies Rich with Chandlimore.

The final four placings were taken by:

1. The Siberian Husky Carpranni’s Int Ch Cry Out. This seven-year-old bitch was a joy to go over, such a hard muscled body, put together so well. Lovely head and expression and her movement round the ring put her firmly in first place.

2. The Bouvier des Flandres, Wilberg & Lambert’s Ch Kanix Zulu. This is a dog I know from judging several times. Such a good representative of the breed, I have given him BIS before and he played his part as usual, looking good and moving well, but like the others was unlucky to have the Husky in the ring.

3. The Great Dane, Moen’s Int Ch Hotpoints Welcome Mr Blue. As a Blue Dane breeder, I never dreamt I would be able to place one in a Group at Crufts. This dog is big and strong, well constructed and covered the ground holding a firm topline. Very well handled. I have heard since that he is Top Sire All Breeds in Norway, which is encouraging for the breed.

4. The Newfoundland, Dury’s Ch Cayuga George Ferrari (Imp). I have judged this dog several times, he has now reached his peak and would be hard to challenge in the breed. Won from a very large entry on the day, very good head on a well constructed body in excellent coat - which could have been a disadvantage indoors on a muggy day, but he showed and moved with ease.

Margaret Everton

Pastoral Group

Judge - Jack B Bispham

I FEEL it a privilege and very much an honour to be asked to judge a group at Crufts, an appointment that I have been very much looking forward to. When finally the evening of May 28 came around and to step into the big ring at Crufts and to judge a group at the World’s Greatest Dog Show, it was indeed a dream come true.

I must congratulate all the organisers and the Crufts committee for the timing, and the smooth running of, the show, after all the extra work and hours they must have put in, due to the rescheduling of the show, and I thank them for their hospitality.

The breed judges had selected some very good dogs for me to assess, and from the 28 impressive BOBs present, I selected eight for further consideration. These were the well balanced Australian Shepherd, Am Ch Tri-Ivory Mojo Flair; the lovely coated and coloured blue merle Rough Collie, Ch Phreelancer Phrosty Moon over Corydon; the nicely constructed German Shepherd Dog, Stranmillis Dax Voyager; the stylish shaded sable Shetland Sheepdog, Ch Norestyle Monsoon; the Bearded Collie, Border Collie; Old English Sheepdog and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
From the eight dogs, my group winner was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi bitch, Ch Penliath Shooting Star. So well named, of exquisite breed type and such a pleasure to go over. Lovely head and expression, impressive outline in lovely coat and condition, so free on the move and handled and presented in top order. My day was completed when Mrs Ann Arch made her the Res Best in Show.

Group 2 went to the Bearded Collie, Ch Otterswish Bernadette. One I have given a group to in the past, lovely type and balance, nice enquiring expression, first class neck and outline. Sound front and rear, in very good coat, did not disappoint on the move.

Group 3 was the Border Collie bitch, Tamarsh Maggie May at Tolarock. Well placed eyes, nice feminine head, well laid shoulders and front angulation, sound hindquarters, nice topline, coat and body in good condition. Scores on the move.

Group 4 went to the Old English Sheepdog, Ch Zottel’s You Don’t Fool Me, soundly constructed dog, lovely body shape, well boned, straight in front. Muscular hindquarters, in full coat of good texture. Effortless on the move, presented to perfection.

Jack B Bispham