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(Updated 1/6/01)


'Tunde keeps it in the family'

Terrier Group - 2001

by Sally Pointon

Judge - Monica Boggia Black

Photo by Alan V Walker
Winner of the Terrier group was Ramsay’s Kerry Blue Torum’s Tunde Bayou handled by Geoff Corish. Second was McGunnigle’s SBT Ladarna Birthday Boy. They are pictured here with judge Dr Monica Boggia-Black.

WHEN THE Kerry Blue, Torum’s Tunde Bayou, brother of last year’s Crufts BIS winner, went missing from his run at Ron and Carol Ramsay’s home on Boxing Day 1999, only to be found three months later after a call came in from a rescue kennel in North Wales, little did the Ramsays know what the next 18 months or so had in store for them – first Ch Torum’s Scarf Michael’s exciting and highly successful show career which culminated in BIS at Crufts 2000; and now, 14 months later, a repeat group win at Crufts with Tunde, handled by one of the UK’s most successful professional handlers, Geoff Corish.

‘Mick’ has continued his show career in great style in the USA where he has now clocked up 37 BIS wins and amassed an incredible 60,000 points, nearly three times that of his nearest rival. Interestingly, both dogs have had three different handlers during their show careers here in the UK: Ron, Geoff and Michael Coad who piloted Mick to his Crufts BIS last year.

Tunde won his first CC at Windsor last year, handled by Ron; his second with BOB at SKC the Sunday before Crufts, handled by Michael, where he was unable to compete in the group as Geoff was the group judge; and his third and crowning CC here at Crufts under the UK’s top lady all-rounder, Ferelith Somerfield, where he went on to beat the highly successful bitch, Ch Perrisblu Royal Fern, for BOB.

Ron was obviously delighted to have another dog bred by him represent the breed in the group ring again this year, but when Monica Boggia Black walked towards Geoff and Tunde to represent the group in the BIS line-up on Monday he could hardly believe it! Afterwards, while the photos were being taken, he just kept walking around shaking his head and his wife Carol and boys Alex and Christopher seemed equally amazed (or should that be dazed!) at this incredible achievement.

They now have two replica trophies of the Send Gold Vase presented to group winners at this show, but lovely as they are I am sure they won’t need any mementoes to remind them of these two historic wins!

Group 2 went to Catherine McGunnigle’s Stafford, Ladarna Birthday Boy, handled by Alan Hedges. This was his first CC and BOB after three RCCs. ‘Sonny’ was originally bought as a pet and is Catherine’s first dog – this wonderful win just proves that if you have the right dog you can go all the way to the top, even if you are a relative newcomer.

Third was the popular Wire Fox Terrier, Fairwyre Commander at Grambrae, handled to his second CC and BOB by Andrew Goodsell, who has handled the BCC here for the past few years. They won a first CC, BOB and group 2 the week before at SKC for owner Adrian Magill from County Antrim. His sister from an earlier litter won the RBCC today.

Fourth place went to the Norwich Terrier, Ch Jaeva Jailhouse Rock, owned by the highly successful partnership of Martin Phillips and Andrew Gullick. They also won BOB in Norfolks with the dual BIS winner, Ch Jaeva Dutch Gold, who was collecting his 14th CC and BOB on the day; Martin also co-bred and owns the BCC, Hell To Pay at Jaeva, and did the double at SKC as well as making up his 66th champion, so a very exciting week!

Others in the shortlist were Olive Jackson and Mary Swash’s imported Airedale, Ch/Am/It Ch Greenfield Captain Fantastic, who is certainly living up to his name, having won nine CCs with BOB since coming into the UK under the pet passport scheme from America via Italy in July last year. Another highly successful partnership, they also bred the RBCC winner, Ch Jokyl Hot’N Spicy owned by Mrs E Johnstone; Sylvia Morrice’s homebred Bedlington, Ch Mollora Fire King, who now has 10 CCs and was BOB here in 1999. The Molloras had a good day too as his half sister, who took the BCC at SKC, was BP; and the Cesky Terrier, Komidion Bohemian Bliss at Vandell, owned by Sue Fewings and handled by husband Steve. This was the first time the breed was scheduled with classes at Crufts, so an exciting first BOB for this four-year-old bitch. Her kennelmate, who had taken BOB at SKC, won BD.
It was good to see two of our exhibitors from overseas representing their breeds in the main ring for the first time since the relaxing of the quarantine laws – the German-bred Irish Terrier and the UK-bred Scottish Terrier who now resides in Italy.

Although Int Ch Bonaparte von der Emsmuehle, the BOB Irish Terrier, is currently the top terrier and third overall top dog in Germany, Karina Kirch and Hans Gruettner, having visited Crufts on many previous occasions, said that this BOB meant more to them than any of their previous wins, which span nearly 30 years. This dog has eight national titles, three BIS plus RBIS at the European Winner show last year; this was his last show, so a fitting end to a superb career.

The Scottish Terrier BOB, shown in the catalogue as Sh Ch Tamzin Black Cherry, having won the BCC here two years ago before going to Italy, has had a highly successful career on the Continent, including numerous BIS wins. She is owned by Maria Carolina Reggiani-Stufler and is handled by Mia Ejerstad who has had an equally successful handling career together with her partner Thomas Wastiaux. They were handling three other dogs at the show, a Canaan Dog and two Siberian Huskies, and not only did they win BOB in both breeds, Mia piloted the Siberian Husky to win the working group under Margaret Everton, having taken BOB under Zena Thorn Andrews.

Having won BOB here for the last three years with the imported Australian Terrier, Ch Dinky Di Southern Cross, Sheila Stoddart won BOB again, this time with her first homebred champion, Ch Millvalley U S Express, who was handled in the class and for BOB by Richard Allen, but by Sheila for the ticket as Richard was handling another dog. He now has four CCs as well as several open show BIS.

Understandably, Angus and Jane Shaw were very excited to win a first CC and BOB with their first Border Terrier, Quatford Kiss N Tell at Fehmarn JW, from the largest terrier entry of the day (229 dogs making 242 entries); and Joy Vickers and Lee Pilkington’s Bull Terrier, the recently made-up Javarke Jack Flash, was enjoying his first outing at Crufts, being handled for the first time by Lee as Joy, who handled him to his title, was working.

David Merriam, chairman of the American KC, judged both the Bull Terriers and Miniature BTs, where BOB went to the Rodgers’ puppy bitch, Jiltrains Betty Boop.

Liz Hooton’s homebred Cairn, Penticharm The Temptress, having just won her third CC with BOB, was making her last show appearance as she will now retire. Liz is no stranger to the Crufts main ring as she has handled five Crufts BOBs, three of which were homebred!

Another familiar face in the group ring is David Murray, who handled his and Judy Hill’s Dandie Dinmont, Ch Blaven Shoushonie at Bencharra, to BOB; he now has seven CCs and was also BOB at SKC the week before. His grandmother is the one time breed record holder, Ch Mislin Minnie Ha Ha, winner of two groups and RBIS; during her career she won 15 CCs in one season! She also won the BCC at Crufts in 1992, but this is Judy’s first BOB here.

The Smooth Fox Terrier BOB is owned and bred by the Hartigan family of John, Garrit, Shaun and Vincent from Limerick in Eire – this was Ch/Ir Ch Rockenhart Discovery’s fourth CC and third BOB on the mainland. In Ireland he has won 20 BOBs plus several groups. His kennelmate, Migley Lyric of Rockenhart, who was BOB and group 3 at SKC, won the RBCC.

Just nine weeks after whelping a litter, Jeonty Gold Leader at Brockland, Joe and Ruth Welch’s Glen of Imaal, won her second Crufts BOB, her first having come in 1999 when she was top bitch. Top overall in the breed last year, she was RBB here last year and now has eight BOBs.

Val and Herbert Atkinson’s Lakeland Terrier, Lakeridge The Joker, can now add Ch to his name as he won his third CC with BOB, having won his second, also with BOB, at SKC; and Steve, Jan and Leighanne Beart’s Manchester Terrier BOB, Galchris Millenium Falcon, won a second CC, his first coming at Crufts two years ago! His full sister, Galchris Princess Leia at Calcot, won the BCC today.

Another dog to win his title at this prestigious show was George Simpson’s Parson Russell Terrier, Howlbeck Uno-Piper, who had won his second with BOB at SKC after a first CC last year. Five of the 11 Parson Crufts BOBs have been owned or bred by George – not a bad record!

BOB for the second year running in Sealyhams was David Winsley’s Ch Davmar Northern Dancer; a group and RBIS winner, he was group 3 here last year.

Skyes were judged by Walter Goodman from the USA, who chose Monica Barraclough’s Int Ch Wemoway Geneva for his BOB. She is from Monica’s first litter of six, which produced four champions! Geneva was sent to Sweden as a puppy where she produced four litters before returning to the UK under the pet passport scheme. She was winning her first UK CC from only her second show in this country.

Steve and Shirley Howe, breeders of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breed record holder, Ch Stevelyn Blue Suede Shoes of Kariskiye, won a fourth CC and BOB with their six-year-old Ch Stevelyn Ready Teddy of Sunnidayze to add to his 11 RCCs. He comes from a line of top winners as his mother won a group at Bournemouth in 1990.

The Welsh Terrier BOB was, as usual, handled by Andrew Hunt. Unfortunately his owner, Sally Poole, was unable to watch Ch Alokin Ageless in the group as she had to go home on the coach. He has had a very successful career, winning the CC at all the shows he attended last year, including the one at Crufts 2000 where he also took BOB. He is by the 1998 Crufts BIS winner, Ch Saredon Forever Young.

Mary Greening’s Westie entry was the second largest in the group (186/199) and her choice for BOB was Julie Skleton’s bitch, Snowsprite Saucy Maid at Snowskela, who just moments before had won her first first at a ch show! Julie has been showing for just four years and is still in a state of shock! Saucy Maid was originally bought as a pet to keep her other Westie company, but when Julie took her back to her breeder, Pauline Mitchell, for a trim at the age of 13 months, Pauline was so taken with her she handled her at a few shows before Julie’s husband Derek took over. With Derek’s work commitments taking precedence, Julie was left to handle Saucy Maid herself, but with this win under their belt I am sure they are all delighted! Julie told me on Sunday that the group stewards were wonderful and that they, together with all her friends in the breed, really helped her to cope with the excitement of handling in the big ring for the first time. She especially would like to thank Paul Wilkinson and Pauline for all their help and support.

Talking with the owners/breeders/handlers of all these lovely terriers towards the end of the day last Friday, it was refreshing to realise that, despite all the hype and politics, a win at Crufts is special, no matter who you are, or how much experience you have – and good to know that there are still people out there, no matter how much winning they may have done, who gladly give their help and support to newcomers and friends alike. We hear so much moaning and groaning around the ringsides at times, but when it comes down to it, there is generally a great camaraderie among dog folk, which we should all recognise and cherish – and you never know, it might be your turn to achieve that big win next year, which you would, I’m sure, like to share with your fellow exhibitors!