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(Updated 3/6/01)


'Danny has a day to remember'

Toy Group - 2001

by Liz Stannard

Judge - Terry Nethercott

Photo by Alan V Walker
Toy Group winner Easdon and Martin’s Pekingese Ch.Yakee A Dangerous Liaison,
judge Mr Terry Nethercott Reserve Stone and Cox’s Chinese Crested Ch. Blandora Rock ‘N’ Robin Avec Vanitonia
and Mrs Nora Down who presented the trophy. .

IT WAS not just the change of date which made Crufts seem different this year, it seemed to have altered the temperature. Even cocooned in our own little world of concrete and glass we realised that it must be sunny outside, as the sun shone through the glass in the ceiling and caused people to remove layers of clothes and made dogs wish they could!

Crufts in May is not good with weather like we had last weekend, as the dogs were flagging by the end of the day. By the time the BOB winners went into the group ring with all those lights it must have felt like a sauna, but every one of the dogs showed his heart out, and some realised the importance of the occasion and did even better than they had earlier in the day.

The group judge was well known to us all in dogs - and especially in Toys where his favourite breeds are - but I wonder what the TV watching public made of this giant of man handling these small dogs and doing it so gently and calmly; the dogs obviously realise this is someone who can appreciate them without hurting them in any way, and he always has a gentle word with them.

First in the ring was the Affenpinscher, Ch Tonsarne I Claudius JW, winning his eighth CC. He also won the group at Bournemouth, which is no mean feat for an Affie. Owner Toni Teasdale is so well known in Affenpinschers and has bred five that have won BOBs at Crufts, but this is the first time that she has actually been in the big ring herself, so to lead out the group across that large expanse of green carpet, with the lights and the banks of tiered seats, must have been quite a moment.

Following her, in a bright orange suit (had he been ‘Tangoed’?) was Mr Welch with his wife’s Limartine Red Dragon, a dog. His litter sister, Limartine Red Lobster - shown by Mrs Welch - won Best Bitch. To add to the wins they bred both the Res CC winners. Quite a day!

The Bichon Frisé, Clamarret Uncle Fester, was winning his second CC. His first came at Birmingham, one of the few shows we have had this year, so he is hoping shows carry on now and that he can carry on this roll.

What can we say about the CKCS, Ch Ricksbury Royal Legend? He is becoming a legend, as this was his third time in the big ring at Crufts. He was winning his 29th CC, for that winning partnership of Rix and Berry, and his litter sister (who got Res CC on the day) has now taken the breed record from her grandmother. He is already a BIS winner at a general championship show, so could he follow that other Cavalier and win BIS here at Crufts? He had already beaten 429 other dogs - the highest entry in the group.

Another dog winning his second CC after his first at Birmingham was the Long Coat Chihuahua, Coriam Sweet William, handled as usual by Pam Bungard, as his owner Mrs Towler is in a wheelchair.

Yet another second CC, this time for the Smoothcoat, Chersya Ly Cherrymumble, who made the long journey up from Cornwall. She had won her first at the Club show.

The Chinese Crested, Ch Blandora Rock ‘n’ Robin avec Vanitonia - a prefix better known in Poodles - was winning his fifth CC for owners Stone and Cox, and certainly covered the ground when he came into the big ring. He obviously watches how those Poodles do it! He has had two Group 2 wins, so was hoping for a move up the ladder. The Bitch CC was one of the overseas exhibitors, showing at Crufts since the borders became open. This was Int Ch Prefix Damascus who came from Sweden.

The ETT was the old hand in the group, Ch Amalek You Has Jazz, who has many fans having brought the breed into the limelight in the last few years with her group placings. She won her 23rd CC on the day for Wilsons, who had a good day, winning the Res Dog CC with the sire of the Dog CC!

Another clever breeder who can turn them out regularly is Mary Ann Mercer in Griffons, and Ch Fennymore Spankin Good Time kept the flag flying - some breeders have such a knack with names, don’t they?

A small piece of history was made when the Havanese came into the ring for the first time at Crufts. They only came off the Imported Breeds Register last year and are gaining popularity, mainly due to their star, Paloma De Chaponay of Tammylan, who amazingly is nine-and-a-half, but flows around the ring like the proverbial two-year-old. Heather Ridley also won Res Best Bitch with Puddleduck - another catchy name?

Photo by Alan V Walker
Havanese were recognised as a breed in their own right for the first time with classes at Crufts 2001. Mrs. Annette Oliver had the honour being their judge and is seen here with her line up. BOB was Ridley’s Paloma De Chponay of Tammylan, and Res. BOB Richards Chazard Little Andy.

The Italian Greyhound, Ch Salatini Poeme, was winning her 11th CC for owner Nicky Hunter, and the warmth of the lights looked as though they suited her. This is a breed which hates the cold and shows it.

Ch Homerbrent Mare Na not only is good in the showring, winning his 11th CC on the day, but he is no slouch. As a stud dog he sired the Res Dog CC. Molly Coaker is another of those good breeders who has made an impact in more than one breed, and travels to shows all the way from way down in Devon.

The Waters and Robins partnership in King Charles have done the double at Crufts three times, and this was their third BOB in a row. The last two years it was the dog, Ch Maibee Flashman but this year his litter sister, Ch Maibee Truly Scrumptious, took top honours and her 14th CC. Just to keep it in the family her son, Maibee Absolutely Fabulous, won the Dog CC.

Banacek Heartbeat, the Lowchen, had only to make a short journey to the show, but it was his owners first time in the big ring at Crufts, as well as his first CC, so she would have gone home on wings!

Maltese, Sarahne Keep’n In Style came all the way down from Glasgow for her fourth CC and BOB.

Ch Impala Angel of the South won her seventh CC in Miniature Pinscher over her litter sister, Impala Alice Springs, who picked up the Reserve. Ch Tijuana Minstrel won his fifth CC and his owner’s first BOB at Crufts in Papillons.
Someone who is no stranger to the big ring is Bert Easdon and he was there this time with Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison, winning his 10th CC. Would it be a case of history repeating itself - as when he won his 10th CC with Ch Yakee For Your Eyes Only in 1989 he went to Res BIS. Danny has already won two BIS all breeds last year, one of which when he was only seven-months-old.

He was followed in the ring by Ch Moonrae Ebony Hotshot, the well known black Pomeranian who earlier in the day had won his 23rd CC. Handled as always by Carol, he really stood out on the green carpet, complemented by her bright dress. If only more handlers put some thought into what they looked like, expecially in the ring at Crufts when the world and his wife are watching.

The Kirk family in Pugs had quite a day at last year’s Top Puppy, Hatella Fresh Parsley won the Dog CC and BOB, handled by daughter and litter sister Hatella Rare Emerald, handled by Mum, won the Bitch CC. Another well known face in the ring was Osman Sameja and Ozmilion Appreciation flew the flag, at only his third show he won his third CC. Another champion for this very clever breeder, and getting the information out of him is like drawing teeth, as he is so modest about his fantastic successes.

After every dog had walked - and some of them could give lessons to some of the bigger breeds in how to do a large triangle - Tery walked down the line before giving them chance to set up and look their best before shortlisting the CKCS, Chinese Crested, Griffon, Italian Greyhound, Japanese Chin, Pekingese, Pomeranian and Yorkie. One more walk straight up and bak towards the main stand and the tension was mounting, but as they all settled back into position, Terry wasted no time in walking forward with outstretched hand to Bert Easdon and the Pekingese. The cheering sounded vaguely like that heard at Westminster, but that could be down to the fact that the American contingent were supporting him and the Peke handler David Fitzpatrick, who had done some marvellous brushwork on Danny during the show.

Second in the group was the stylish Chinese Crested, followed by the Pom showing his heart out, and the Cavalier who had not stopped wagging his tail.

Presentations were made and pictures taken, the winner put back on his ice pack, and we went out into a still warm evening. It seems strange to think that next Crufts is less than a year away if we have it at our usual time. Fingers crossed the nice weather lasts for the rearranged Bath show!