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(Updated 1/6/01)

Scottish Show Dog of The Year 2000

Photo by W Moores OUR DOGS

The winner of the SKC Show Dog of the Year 2000 competition was the English Springer Barbara Ganarin’s Sh Ch Berkenbar Duette pictured here with, l to r, SKC Convenor Mr Robert Crawford, Tom Grant of Pedigree Masterfoods, judge Mrs Joyce Mann and Mrs Ann Crawford who presented the trophies.

AS USUAL the Scottish Top Dog Event was held on the eve of the May championship show and is now well established in the calendar of events.

l-r: winner of the Top Dog Competition is Barbara Ganarin pictured with her English Springer Spaniel, Sh. Ch. Berkenbar Duette, reserve was Martin & Easdon’s Pekingese, Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison, (pictured here with Bert Easdon) , 3rd Mr Haran with his Weimaraner, Sh. Ch. Narsad Nipsiquit Grey in Magregor, and Mrs Winton with her Flatcoated Retriever, Ch. Braidwynn Bonnie Lad pictured with judge Joyce Mann, Convenor Mr Robert Crawford and Mrs Crawford who presented the prizes and Tom Grant of Pedigree Masterfoods.

The format too is well tried and makes for efficient running as well as a pleasant evening for everyone. After the buffet and coffee the Junior Handlers are assessed first then comes the man event of the evening - the top Twenty Winning Dogs in Scotland for the previous year. The organisers this year however had added a new twist by inviting Mary Ray to give two demonstrations of her Heelwork to Music as normally seen in the Best in Show ring at Crufts. There were more people there this year than ever and the entire audience were rapt as Mary explained how she trained the dogs then followed this with a short demonstration to music.

There were quite a few members of the audience with a tear in their eye at this marvellous demonstration of rapport between handler and dog. The Junior Handlers followed this into the ring in two age groups for Mrs Joyce Mann to assess. As one of the UK all rounders who is also Scottish, Joyce was the obvious choice to officiate at one of these events and indeed had been set to do so last year before having to pull out owing to illness .
The Scottish Junior Handler of the Year is split into Juniors and Seniors with two being selected from each age group to go forward to the final. Throughout the Junior handling Joyce had an encouraging attitude with the handlers - explaining quietly what she wanted and very quickly chose her two to go forward from each group. From the Juniors this was Marcus Reid handling a Bichon Frisé and Amanda Dunbar handling a Cocker Spaniel. They then met the two Seniors - Lisa Moir with a German Spitz Mittel and Shona Taylor with a Shih Tzu. These four were again put through their paces before Joyce chose the order of the winners and gave her choice to be announced by Irene McManus who was the commentator for the evening.

The results were announced in reverse order with fourth place to Marcus Reid, Third place to Lisa Moir, Runner up was Amanda Dunbar and to great cheers Shona Taylor was announced as winner.


Judge of the Scottish Junior Handler of the Year final Mrs Joyce Mann, pictured with winner Shona Taylor and her Shih Tzu, Shirshaw Texas Ranger, 2nd Amanda Dunbar with her Cocker Spaniel Craigdean But “N” Ben at Broanglen, 3rd Lisa Moir with her German Spitz Mittel, Ch. Willmac Kreme Kookie at Jansaleis and 4th Marcus Taylor with his Bichon Frisé, Dixido Smarty Pants together with judge Aitken Johnston, Vice Convenor and Mrs Eleanor Bothwell.

Following a lap of honour Mary Ray did another Heelwork to Music Demonstration whilst the Top Dogs were organised in the collecting area. They were announced in alphabetical order and each one was applauded by the audience as they entered the ring.
Joyce Mann, judge of the SKC Top Dog of the Year and Junior Handler of the Year Competition receives some commemorative crystal from Convenor Robert Crawford.

They were led in by the Great Dane Allan and Greig's Champion Turlum Tartan Special to Morardane J.W. then the Pekingese Easdon and Martin's Champion Yakee A Dangerous Liaison; Mr and Mrs Fulton's Hungarian Puli Champion Banhegyi Ansca with Mournebrake; Haran and Waddell's Weimaraner Show Champion Narsad Nisiquit Grey in Macgregor; Mr Irvine's Flatcoat Retriever Show Champion Gayplume Fine Fashion of Dravidian; Mr and Mrs T Johnston's Basset Champion Burnvale Yardstick J.W.; Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Livingston's Champion and American Champion Solocha'a Southern Legacy; Mrs S Martin's Schnauzer Champion Shered Snowy Knight; the McLaren family's Cocker Spaniel Show Champion Bencleuch's Bella Rose J.W; Mrs McLean's Japanese Akita Champion Melodor Resist'nce is Futile J.W; Miss L McNaughton's Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund Champion Cedavoch Wintertime; Mrs & Ms McWilliam's Samoyed Champion Roybridge Stike It Right of Istramac; Mrs W Millar's Boxer Champion Roamaro Fun in the Sun with Walkon; Mr and Mrs Scougall's Gordon Setter Show Champion Shannas Daimler; Mr and Mrs Shaw's Cairn Terrier Champion Spawyche Elizabethan Opal at Honeyhall; Mr Souza's Tibetan Spaniel Champion Anavrin Highlander; Mrs Turner's Border Collie Show Champion Locheil Rave Review and Mrs Winton's Flatcoat Retriever Champion Braidwynn Bonnie Lad. One finalist had to be withdrawn on the Monday prior to the event due to it being in season so one of the Reserves was called in on the Wednesday to fill this place.

Between them these dogs had amassed well over 100 CC wins last year and several gained a Junior Warrant award. Ten were bred by their owners, one was an import and some of the others were from stock produced by the exhibitors previously, so it made for an interesting selection. These dogs were all presented in top form and shown expertly by handlers experienced in the bigger rings. Joyce Mann had one last look before choosing a shortlist of eight dogs. which included the Pekingese, Great Dane, Weimaraner, Siberian Husky, Dachshund, Samoyed and Flatcoat and the eventual winner.

Mr Ian Savage with last year’s winner the Greyhound Ch Ballalyn’s Foggy at Mistweave accepts his illuminated pedigree specially prepared for the SKC by Mr Robert Balfour.

After making each one move again she made her decision and the results were announced again in reverse order with the Flatcoat Sh. Ch. Braidwynn Bonnie Lad in fourth place, the Weimaraner Sh. Ch. Nipsiquit Grey in acgreror third, Runner up was the Pekinese Ch' Yakee A Dangerous Liaison and the winner on the night was the Reserve who was called in just a couple of days prior to the competition. This was Mrs Ganarin's English Springer Spaniel Sh. Ch. Berkenbar Duette. By a twist of fate the dog who should have been there was another of Easdon and Martin's pekingese Champion Yakee Illusions of Grandeur however Bert was delighted to see Barbara win and the audience applauded every dog enthusiastically. Presentations were made by Fiona Grant and Tom Grant on behalf of sponsors Pedigree Masterfoods, Eleanor Bothwell and Mrs Crawford, wife of Convener Robert Crawford for SKC and Aitken johnston on behalf of the KCJO. Every finalist received a memento and Pedigree and Our Dogs were thanked for their sponsorship which enabled SKC to hold the event. The last presentation was made by David Balfour and was one of his decorated and inscribed pedigrees which he presents every year to the winner of the previous year's Top Dog competition. This was presented to the winner from last year Ian and Barbara Savage's Greyhound Champion Ballalyn's Foggy at Mistweave.

Sandra Johnston

The Judge's Report

TO BE invited to judge the Scottish Kennel Club Show Dog of the Year 2000 and the Scottish Junior Handler of the Year 2000 was a great honour, the McRobert Pavilion, Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston was the venue for this prestigious event. The organisation from start to finish was splendid, the hospitality excellent and good dogs to judge - I am sure the competitors appreciated the comfortable surroundings - I know the judge did!

In my opinion the exhibits were of a high standard, the dedication in bringing out the best was there for all to see, and I must congratulate everyone on this very important point - showmanship is the name of the game, and without exception all had it.

Top Scottish Show Dog of 2000 was the very sound moving attractive English Springer Spaniel, Barbara Ganarin’s Sh. Ch. Berkenbar Duette, very stylish with lovely head eye and expression, firm body, well muscled, good body and bone, grooming and presentation was impeccable, a quality exhibit whom it was a pleasure to go over.
Second - the Pekingese, Easdon & Martin’s Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison, is a super little dog in wonderful coat and condition, wide shallow head, low to ground, firm body, good legs which give him the correct roll, faultless preparation and grooming, feeling the heat tonight.

Third - the Weimaraner, Haran & Waddells, Sh. Ch. Narsad Nipsiquit Grey in Magregor, top class bitch in superb condition, fits the standard well, has style and grace, so well constructed, covered the ground easily in free flowing action, well presented and handled.

Fourth - the Flatcoated Retriever, Winton’s Ch. Braidwynn Bonnie Lad, lovely dog to go over, super temperament, very well put together, moves with drive shown in pristine condition, at one with his handler.

The remaining four contenders were: Smooth haired Dachshund , Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime. Siberian Husky - Ch. & Am.Ch. Solocha’s Southern Legacy. Samoyed - Ch. Roybridge Strike It Right of Istramac. Great Dane - Ch. & Ir. Ch. Turlum Tartan Special to Morardane.

IT WAS a pleasure to judge the Juniors, they were all well turned out in suitable outfits complementing their dogs.
Very capable young handlers - all exhibits were well prepared and schooled for this event. Sportsmanship, courtesy and consideration to each other was noticeable, a most enjoyable experience for me.

Top Junior Handler was Shona Taylor with the lovely gold/white Shih Tzu, Shirshaw Texas Ranger. I do not intend to comment on the dogs - only the handling which was first class in this case, Shona is 17 so had the advantage of many years handling - watch out Geoff Corish!

Second was Amanda Dunbar with her Cocker Spaniel, Amanda, at 10 years of age shows much promise as a future first class handler, Rory or should I say Craigdean But “n” Ben at Broanglen responded to Amanda’s excellent handling.

Third was Lisa Moir with her German Spitz Mittel, Ch. Willmac Kreme Kookie at Jansaleis, known as Puff, Lisa is 17 and proved she has what it takes, very good attitude with Puff, firm and positive, her presentation as her handling could not be faulted.

Fourth was the only man on the block - Marcus Taylor aged 10 with his Bichon Frisé, Dixido Smarty Pants, known as Jasper. Marcus was positive and sympathetic in his approach, liked his confidence and rapport with Jasper, again handling could not be faulted.

Joyce W Mann

All photos by William Moores, Our Dogs