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(Updated 9/6/01)

A First in Britain!

Magazine Editors frequently get asked by students of dog and cat behaviour disciplines about education courses which they can attend or enrol in for their further studies.

Few organisations can offer much and at best they offer one or two courses. Some offer seminars like the APBC organise seminars. In our view these courses are of moderate value because the people operating them are not specialists in education.

The CFBA has now formed a professional association with the two following organisations, and has announced them on our web site: The CFBA now has the largest education department in Britain concerning pet behaviour.

The Organisations are: The Animal Care College and The British Institute of Professional Dogs Trainers. They offer academic and practical courses respectively, which will help our members and prospective members improve their general and specific knowledge on canine and feline behaviour and dog training. Both are respected UK & Internationally recognised organisations.

The Animal Care College ( ACC) offers 25 Academic-based correspondence courses and has been established for more than 20 years. They also offer the largest selection of canine and feline courses in Britain today. Many of their courses are government recognised/accredited. They will be recommended on our web site as the Academic link of the CFBA.


The British Institute of Professional Dogs Trainers ( BIPDT) will form the practical link of the CFBA. They without doubt are one of, if not Britains most respected dog training institute with more than 25 years experience in the field. They are also known world wide hence their intake of foreign students. They will be recommended on our web site as the practical link of the CFBA.

The result of this collaboration will be the CFBA becoming the only professional pet animal behaviour association in Britain offering the widest range of pet educational courses to any person either professional or those with a general interest. Students will now be able go to our web site knowing that they will be able to enrol in such courses of excellence.

If you wish to apply or request information on the CFBA write to:

CFBA, Christopher Harvey (Education & Information Section), Applewood House, Ringshall Road, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 1RN.

Internet Site is : www.

Include a large A4 stamped 72p addressed envelope.