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(Updated 13/6/01)

Devotion to Domino

The Kennel Club would like to say a big thank you to all of those volunteers who gave so readily of their time and energy to staff the Domino Stand at Crufts 2001.

It is their support and devotion to the Kennel Club’s Dare and Domino Campaigns that have enabled the issue to be so successful, and kept firmly in the public domain.

Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary of The Kennel Club, “We continue to be very grateful to the members of the Domino campaign who have given so freely their valuable time and efforts to raise public awareness to the threat of Breed Specific Legislation. This attitude clearly demonstrates to us their commitment to the world of dogs and we are genuinely thankful for their assistance.”

The Domino Campaign will continue into the millennium. For further information please go to or contact The Kennel Club Press Office directly for a leaflet, on 020 7518 1008 / 1020.