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(Updated 9/6/01)

NOAH welcomes aboard three new members

THREE NEW members in as many months have given the National Office of Animal Health a boost, as the association reaches its 15th anniversary.

J M Loveridge and Chanelle Animal Health, voted into membership by the NOAH Board at its meeting on 24 May, join Denes Natural Pet Care who joined at the March meeting. The association now has 38 corporate members and 10 associates.

J M Loveridge plc, based in Southampton, are manufacturers and suppliers of a range of medicines and ingredients use in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.

Irish company Chanelle Animal Health, with its Liverpool office, is involved with the manufacture and distribution of veterinary medicines in the UK. They have a product range of 25 products, with three sales representatives based in the UK.

Sussex-based Denes Natural Pet Care Ltd markets licensed herbal medicines, herbal supplements and aromatherapy products for cats and dogs, as well as its own range of canned and dry cat and dog food.

NOAH director Roger Cook said: “Not only is it good to have more members, but each of these companies have their specialist areas of activity, further widening NOAH’s own expertise and our representation of the UK animal medicine industry.”