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(Updated 9/6/01)

Slovakia introduces specific breed ban

by Charles Hampton

A THE BALKAN state of Slovakia has followed the example set by Germany and a number if other European nations by introducing breed specific dog legislation.

As with Germany, the Government ban on listed breeds was sparked off by a tragic incident when an 11 year-old boy was killed by two Cczechoslovakian Shepherds.

The Government hastily drafted the ‘dangerous dogs’ law, which is breed specific for non-breeds, including American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Incredibly, and with typical political arrogance, the Czechoslovakian Shepherd is NOT included in the list of ‘dangerous’ breeds.

Such arrogance is matched on by the German States’ refusal to included German Shepherds on their BSL lists.
Slovakian campaigner Ivan Gesko told OUR DOGS: “They will NOT succeed. Dog lovers in Slovakia will fight this ridiculous breed specific legislation and hope that we will be supported by dog lovers in Britain and throughout Europe.”

The proposed breed list, as given by the Slovakian Government is :

American Stafford
Dogo Argentino
Fila Brasilliero
Bull Terrier
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Bull Terrier