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(Updated 9/6/01)

Twenty years of specialist insurance for Canine Societies


Showsurance was founded in 1981 because at that time there was no specialist insurer (or advice) available for canine societies requiring Third Party Liability.

The scheme was designed by the show manager of a general championship show in conjunction with Lloyds brokers and underwriters and was consulted by the Kennel Club when it was decided that Third Party Liability was to be a KC requirement for all canine societies.


Other companies have come (and gone) in the meantime but Showsurance continues to insure some of the country’s most prestigious general and breed canine societies from some of the largest Championship shows to small Training Clubs. Rates are very competitive and the proposal form is easy to understand and simple to complete.

Full details and a Proposal Form are available from Showsurance, Ascot House, High Street, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 7HG. Tel 01344 628269, Fax 01344 622771 or e-mail