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(Updated 17/6/01)

Pet Passport progeny 'Alex' goes BIS

Raycris Alex zu Jaudas

In July 2000 Mrs Lynn O’Connell (Jaudas), together with Mrs Christine Ogle and Mr. Raymond Butler (Raycris) travelled to Germany with two in season Large Munsterlander bitches. The dogs that they were visiting had been chosen to complement the existing bloodlines in this country and were chosen with the help of Egon Vornholt (retired Breed Warden).

Mrs O’Connell explains: “Come September the bitch living with Mrs Ogle and Mr. Butler had an easy whelping producing seven healthy pups. The bitch living with me decided to complicate matters, needing a caesarean and producing ten very small, weak puppies. The two litters, although only three days apart in age, looked weeks apart.

“Would my puppies ever catch up enough to be shown?

“I kept a dog pup, Raycris Alex zu Jaudas; at Birmingham National Dog Show he was very much the baby but managed a second place in minor puppy and in puppy under judge Mrs. Margaret Craig-Woodward.

“At S.K.C. he won the puppy dog class, judge Mr. Terry Thorn. At The Large Munsterlander Club Championship Show, he won minor puppy dog, puppy dog, novice dog, the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in show under judge Mr Andrew Brace.

“I think he has caught up!”