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(Updated 22/6/01)

Angela Rippon honours 100th Support Dog

Left to right - Seizure Alert Client Tony Brown-Griffin, Identichip Marketing Manager Andy Pound,
Angela Rippon, Support Dogs Training Manager Val Strong and Caley.

SUPPORT DOGS, the charity that supplies trained dogs to aid and assist the disabled, is celebrating the qualification of its 100th Assistance Dog.

The charity rescues and socialises abandoned dogs and then trains them for a minimum of 170 hours, until they have graduated from a red jacket to the coveted yellow jacket.

At a presentation at Wentworth Travel Inn, Caley, a two-year-old Belgian Shepherd sponsored by Shell UK Exploration and Production, was presented with a yellow jacket from Honourary President, Angela Rippon.

Angela Rippon said: “I have been associated with Support Dogs from the very beginning. This is a very special group of people and dogs and I do feel very honoured to be involved with the charity.”

There are three kinds of Support Dogs to help with different forms of disability.

Seizure Alert Dogs give an alert prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure giving them time to find a place of safety.

Medical Assistance Dogs that provide assistance for people with conditions such as hypoglycaemia or menieres disease.

Disability Assistance Dogs that help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, fetching objects and even unloading the washing machine.

All Support Dogs are covered by Identichip thanks to sponsorship from Animalcare.

Animalcare Marketing Manager - Andy Pound said “It is such a privilege to be able to offer real support for such a worthwhile organisation. These dogs make a great difference to the quality of life for the people they help and I wish them every success in the future.”

For more information on Support Dogs please contact (0114) 257 7997.
For more information on Animalcare or Identichip please contact (01904) 487687.