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(Updated 22/6/01)

Can you help the People and Dogs Society (PADS) ?

PADS, WHICH is a registered charity and has been helping those with dog related problems for twelve years now, is looking for extra pairs of hands to help on the Committee.

PADS is run entirely by volunteers on a shoe-string budget and because the charity concentrates on education rather than re-homing dogs, it often misses out on the sympathy factor which attracts support to other dog charities. Nevertheless PADS solved between 7,800 and 9,000 dog related problems last year and knows that its work is worthwhile.

The organisation is financed by membership fees and by fundraising events run by those who support its ideas.
As the charity grows it finds that it needs more held on the admin and fundraising side of the Charity. 2001 has been called the Year of the Volunteer and PADS would like to hear from anyone wishing to offer some spare time to a good cause. As well as helping, this could be useful to anyone who wishes to practice or improve their communication and organisational skills, perhaps to enhance their future job opportunities.

Please contact PADS on 01977 678593