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(Updated 3/7/01)

Princess Royal opens new rehoming centre

NCDL SNETTERTON Rehoming Centre received a royal seal of approval from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal on Wednesday 27th June 2001 when she officially opened the Centre for business.

The new refurbished Centre, which was completed in May, has been sympathetically designed to fit in with the rural landscape and has been constructed using local materials.

The NCDL prides itself on developing original kennel deigns that give the dogs the best quality of life and promote rehoming. NCDL Snetterton is a completely new and innovative design, which includes glass-fronted kennels which means that the dogs are presented in a more home-like environment rather than caged.


The kennels are also angled so the dog can see visitors coming but not be distracted by a neighbouring dog. This helps the dogs to be seen in the best light possible and aids rehoming. It has the additional quality of reducing noise and thereby helps us to keep the neighbours friendly.

The centre also includes an innovative behavioural suite, including a ‘real-life room’, which helps the dogs to adjust to life in a home by introducing them to noises such as doorbells, letterboxes and everyday domestic items which as televisions and vacuum cleaners. This is something they may not have been accustomed to previously, especially young puppies, who have a limited experience of the world. This room also contains a one way mirror so the dog’s behaviour can be observed without his knowledge. This exciting piece of equipment means that we can study a dog and see how he reacts, helping us match the dog to the right owner.

Centre manager Diane McLelland-Taylor says: “The new Centre looks fabulous and the dogs that are already in the kennels seem to thrive on the new look. We were all excited about the Royal visit which will undoubtedly help us to raise our profile in the area and will help rehoming”.