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(Updated 04/03/01)

Charity auction attracts interest


THE KENNEL Club Charitable Trust charity auction, due to be held on the Saturday of Crufts show has attracted a good deal of interest from enthusiasts willing to assist the Kennel Club in its charitable aims.

The auction which will be conducted by Kennel Club member Mr Nicholas Bonham of Bonham Brookes will include a selection of silver objects, paintings, books and a whole range of Kennel Club Stud Books broken down into various lots. There is also a selection of Kennel Gazettes, some from the late 19th century.

Bronze medal
Amongst the silver and other objects are two Crufts commemorative spoons, a Poodle Club bronze medal awarded at the LKA in 1912 complete with its original case and a silver Manchester Dog Show Society commemorative spoon dating back to 1910. There is also a good collection of 250 dog series cigarette cards.

Amongst the paintings is one of a Deerhound by Gourlay Steel, and a print of Dookie, the famous cross Corgi owned by King George VI from a painting by Lucy Dawson.

Amongst the 13 lots of books is a complete set of Hutchinsons Illustrated Encyclopaedia and a copy of Walsh’s “Stonehenge, the Dog in Health and Disease” dating back to 1887.

OUR DOGS also understands that a selection of items have been sold prior to the auction generating over £800 towards the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

In an effort to raise money for the trust there will be no buyer’s commission and no commission is being paid by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to the auctioneers or to any third party. Where all the proceeds for a lot are to be donated to the Trust this is marked in italics after the description in the auction catalogue. Where this is not the case the proceeds of all other lots sold will be split between the owner and the Trust.

Catalogues will be available at the show and the various lots will be on display for inspection.