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(Updated 06/03/01)

Is this what we want for Europe
in the 21st century?


One of the great shames of the 20th century was the way in which so called “civilised” politicians fed on the fears and prejudices of the population to focus domestic opposition against a “common enemy” - whether real or imaginary - in order to divert attention from their own mistakes and shortcomings.

Of course the very basis of racism is to categorise people as evil based solely on their parentage and not on their behaviour. Can anyone explain to me how that differs from banning dogs because of what they look like?

This poster is being used by the National Front across France. Perhaps more clearly than ever, we can now see the link being made by right-wing politicians in Europe between the immigrant populations that they have traditionally attacked and “foreign dog breeds”.

Appeasement did not work in 1939 and it will not work in 2001.

We urgently need the European Commission, the British Government and the genuine democratic leaders of all the European states to stand up against this madness now.