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(Updated 06/03/01)

'Lettis' is Vetzyme Pick of the Litter awards winner

(All photos by Alan V Walker)

THE 2000/2001 Vetzyme OUR DOGS Pick of the Litter awards – celebrating their thirteenth anniversary – were hosted by Seven Seas and Animal Health Care at the Chesford Bridge Hotel, Kenilworth.

Television personality and former Blue Peter host, Peter Purves, presented the awards to the top ten finalists and group winners while also telling many amusing tales from his many years presenting at Crufts.

This year’s winner was Dorothy Entwistle’s Chihuahua, Lettis Luvs Dorenty – also known as Lettis – from Oldham.

.The overall winner of the Seven Seas/Vetzyme OUR DOGS Pick of the Litter 2001 competition was Dorothy Entwistle's S/C Chihuahua Lynfair Lettis Luvs Dorenty, amassing a total of 538 points, is seen here being presented by Peter Purves. This is the third time that Dorothy Entwistle has won the Pick of the Litter Competition, the other wins were in 1991/92 with 'Dorenty's Drivin Miss Daisy and more recently 1997/98 with Dorenty's Nokumded Lettis has delighted Dorothy with her results in this prestigious competition.

Said Dorothy, ‘I was delighted Lettis did so well. Lettis is totally spoilt and demands attention. She loves life, and thoroughly enjoys showing but does it her way’.

‘Lettis comes from a long line of winners. She was bred using my champion, Nokumded Norman, who won the competition in 1997-98. Winning the Vetzyme Pick of the Litter has always given me a sense of achievement and I’m so happy and proud of her’.

Runner up and winner of the Pastoral group in the Seven Seas /Vetzyme OUR DOGS Pick of the Litter 2001 competition, with 435 points was Mr G. and Mrs. T. Foster's Briard 'Fosterbrie Touch of Class' seen here with Peter Purves, making the presentations.

Second place was awarded to Fosterbie Touch of Class, also known as Cocoa, owned by Gordon and Carol Foster from Huddersfield.

Said Gordon, ‘We were delighted that Cocoa came second overall, she really is our pick of the litter.’
Added Carol, ‘This is the second time we have taken part and hope Vetzyme will continue to run the awards as they are such great fun’.

Third placed and winner of the Hound group was Martin Saunders’ Whippet 'Janelyn Silvatec Sixpense'.

Third place was awarded to Janelyn Silvatec Sixpence, also known as Pipa, owned by Martin Sanders from Cardiff.
Said Martin, ‘Pipa is a great family pet and a great showgirl. She always gives 100 per cent form start to finish’.
‘I am proud of Pipa to have done so well, especially as she has only been competing for eight months.’

The event, supported by Hull firm Seven Seas Pet and Animal Health Care runs throughout the year with points gained at dog shows all over the country being accumulated to find the Vetzyme Pup of the Year.
Said Peter Purves, ‘The Vetzyme Pick of the Litter competition goes from strength to strength and is a a lot of fun for exhibitors and breeders’.

Also speaking at the event was OUR DOGS Managing Director Vince Hogan, who said that our dogs was delighted to have been associated with the competition for so long and congratulated the exhibitors for their dedication over another show season.

Tony Day of Seven Seas Pet and Animal Care said, ‘People travel thousands of miles all over the country for the competition, and it is their dedication and consistency that makes it such as success. Everyone puts in a great deal of effort and all those who have taken part are winners’.

Joint sponsors of this long running event are Seven Seas/Vetzyme and Our Dogs, the official party included (front row) Sally Harrison Pick of Litter Co-ordinator for Vetzyme and Lisa Carlin Product Manager. The gentlemen included Tim Smith Vetzyme PR, Peter Purves Celebrity Guest, Vince Hogan OUR DOGS, and Tony Day Marketing Manager.


The Winners Parade, including all 14 prize winner together with representatives from Vetzyme and Our Dogs, at last weeks awards ceremony.





Winner of the Working group was Pamela Aze and Margaret Randon's BMD 'Duntinblae Designer Jacket'


The UItility group was won by Mrs. P. Maule's Shih Tzu 'Shanto Harmonia Ruby'.




Winner of the Terrier group was M. McGee and C. Carnes SBT 'Heir of Distinction', both co owners are seen here with Peter Purves.


The Gundog group winner was Miss Shirley Watson's English Springer Spaniel 'Bordacity Step to Stardom'.






1 Lynfair Lettis Dorenty, Dorothy Entw
istle, 538 points.

2 Fosterbie Touch of Class, Mr G & Mrs T Foster, 435.

3 Janelyn Silvatec Sixpence, Martin Saunders, 373.

4 Shanto Harmonia Ruby, Mrs P Maule, 254.

=5 Duntible Designer Jacket, Pamela Aze & Margaret Randon, 241. Shellthorn Dancers Legacy, Mrs Sheila M Martin, 241.

7 Heir of Distinction, M McGee & C Carne, 237.

8 Amalek a Fine Romance with Witchstone, Nick Gourley & Andy Leonard, 230.

9 Welshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem, Ms J B Miles & Mrs J Jones, 222.

10 Bonosue Queen of the Nile, Mr Hardman, 216.

11 Roybridge Snow Enchantment for Lireva, Don Cawthera, 210.

=12 Stars ’n Stripes for Garrizone, Mr G & Mrs A Fodden, 207. Norylght Warrier Princess, Mr P & Mrs M Such, 207.

14 Bordacity Step to Stardom, Miss Shirley Watson, 202.

15 Jimbaros the man in Black with Sealandair, Miss Lesley Wright, 200.

16 Neradmik Pyjama Party at Sturtmoor, Miss Camille Dolvey, 196.

17 Quettadene Liberty at Notrella, Sue & Neil Shrinkfield, 191.

18 Valleydell Crystal Ball, Mrs Bull, 187.

19 Oriel Temple Star Ted to Kiss for Lireva, Don Cawthera, 174.

20 Bubas Soldier Boy, Miss Jane Gostynska, 172.”