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(Updated 2/4/01)

Miss Betty Penn-Bull - appreciations

BETTY PENN-BULL WAS a great lady and a great breeder of Scottish Terriers. Always nice to everybody, always busy and so fast in showing you her dogs, in serving you a cup of tea in her comfortable living room or in her 'cottage'. I remember her white gloves handling some fantastic scotties, Viking, Edrick, Caprice, Edwin, Deborah or Remeo and one of the last, Toyboy, and many more and more. Looking at a pedigree the eye goes to see if there is some Kennelgarth behind and if there it is like a quality trade mark; type, temperament, heads and bone were real things in her kennel and everybody should be proud to have had the opportunity to know Betty and her Kennelgarth Scotties - as I am.
Marina Guidetti

BETTY PENN-BULL joined the North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club in its infancy and at the time of her death she was an Honorary Life Member. Although distance meant she could not attend shows on a regular basis she always took an interest in club affairs. She appreciated a marked catalogue after a show and, always the lady, wrote to thank me for sending it. A sad loss to the breed, she will be greatly missed.
Nelly Taylor, Secretary, North Midlands Scottish Terrier Club

THE DEATH of Betty Penn-Bull is an immeasurable loss to the world of dogs, and in particular to Scottish Terriers. I had known her for more than 35 years, and during that time she was a constant source of support and encouragement. She became involved with The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme from its very early days and was a tower of strength. On several occasions she took in a rescued dog for assessment or re-training, and in her capable hands these confused and traumatised little creatures were quickly transformed into happy dogs suitable for re-homing. Betty had many wonderful qualities, a powerful intellect, a phenomenal memory, kindness, loyalty and a wonderful zest for life. She will be greatly missed by all of us. My personal sense of loss is indescribable.
Nellie Holland