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(Updated 26/03/01)

Hunt is on for Britain's most mischevious dog

TO CELEBRATE the release of the film Beethoven’s 3rd, available to buy on video and DVD, Universal Pictures has launched a nationwide search to find the country’s most mischievous dog – a dog after everyone’s favourite St Bernard’s own heart.

If your dog keeps ruining your expensive shoes, stealing your dinner or even burying your mobile phone in the garden – Universal wants to hear from you!

Dog lovers are invited to nominate dogs whose naughty behaviour is unmatched by any other. Whether it be your own, or one belonging to a friend, neighbour or family member, describe its latest antics and you could be in the running for a prize.

The owner of the country’s most mischievous dog will win a dog obedience course to help them tame their troublesome terror whilst the person who nominated the dog will win a copy of Beethoven’s 3rd, on either video or DVD. Runners-up will also receive a copy of Beethoven’s 3rd.

Simply send your nomination to ‘Mad Dog’, Mason Williams PR, Tanzaro House, Ardwick Green, Manchester M12 6FZ. The closing date for nominations is Friday 4th May.