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(Updated 10/03/01)

All About Dogs off to a flying start!

The new hands-on canine event to be held at Brentwood on Sunday 13th May has really captured the ‘doggie’ world’s imagination. The event, which is being hosted and organised by the renowned Essex Dog Display Team, which is well versed at staging large events, looks set to be a major success.

Show Director Roy Dyer said that he was receiving enquiries daily, both from individuals and organisations within the ‘doggie world’. The whole show is designed to promote responsible dog ownership on a look-and-take-part basis.

Popular television personality Peter Purves, who has presented BBC televisions coverage of Cruft’s for several years, will be taking on the main commentary position. One of his tasks will be to introduce the many different breeds of dog that will be in the grand parade in the main arena and the canine demonstrators in the demonstration ring. He will also be talking to dog handlers about their achievements.

The demonstration ring will allow individuals and groups to show the skills required as dog trainers and handlers. Within this ring many disciplines will take place from very basic family pet training to top class obedience, working trials, agility and breed.

Heelwork to Music demonstrations will be carried out by Donelda Guy, Kathy Hardman and Linda Topliss - all representing the new Heelwork to Music Freestyle Association, they are all top class heelwork to music competitors. Several dog training clubs are taking the opportunity to appear in the demonstration ring to show how they train dogs and to promote their training clubs.

Demonstration dogs and handlers from the working trial world will include Chris Farrar, Angela Porter, Sue Hough and Norman Mason and hopefully a few more dogs and handlers from working trials will come along and take part in the exercises and fun competitions.

Val Phillips, well known agility judge and competitor, and Bobby Rowling will be putting their dogs through their paces. Also in the agility ring giving a demonstration will be a team of Hungarian Vizslas and their handlers showing the versatility of the breed.

One of the Gun Dog displays will be by Lisa Brown handling Weimaraners.

The Inter-Counties Police Dog Trial, taking place on the day is gaining momentum, with ten different county police forces already entered. Judging the trial will be police constable Al Todd from The City of London Police Force Dog Section, former Police Sergeant, Les Theobald will be overseeing the event as Trial Manager. Two entries have also been received from the Ministry of Defence Police Dog Section at Melton Mowbray. The Trial is being sponsored by Ralston Purina Pro Plan.

South Staffordshire Dog Training Centre run by Mike Mason - former police dog handler and home office instructor with over 30 years experience - will be demonstrating drug and explosive search dogs and representing NASDU.
Many organisations have expressed a wish to attend the event, including The British Schutzhund Association, The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, National Association of Security Dog Users, The Royal Army Veterinary Corps., Pro-Dogs and PAT Dogs and Canis Specialist Search Dogs.

There will be a 12 class exemption show, staged by Pro-dogs, with all proceeds being donated to Wallace Kennels Rescue Centre, based in Brentwood. Michael Findlay, Chief Executive of Pro-Dogs will be judging the show and Former World Boxing Champion Frank Bruno, a staunch supporter of Wallace Kennels Rescue Centre and a local resident, has also asked to be involved.


Siberian Huskies - Malamutes - Old English Sheepdogs - Akitas - German Shepherd Dogs - Dobermanns - Airedales - Labradors - Border Collies - Mastiffs - Hungarian Vizslas - Chow Chow’s - Leonbergers are just a few of the breed and rescue stands that will be attending the show to promote Responsible Dog Ownership and their breed.

On the training side, there will be twenty minute training sessions for anyone who wants to take part - from basic to advanced obedience and also children’s classes, teaching children who are the future dog owners how to handle dogs. Some of the children’s tasks will be very basic obedience, breed recognition and twenty questions.
There will be a Scurry course over bales of straw with prizes for the fastest dog of the day.

The organisers would like to hear from anyone who is involved with dogs and would like to participate on the day. Anyone wishing to sponsor any section of the show should contact Roy Dyer without delay. Excellent opportunities are on offer.

There is no entry fee to the event and you are very welcome to bring your dogs along and take part.

Exemption Show Schedules from Marian Wright: 01708 865178
All other enquiries including trade: 01277 226624