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(Updated 09/03/01)

The East Anglian Super Match 2001

Judge’s report

THE BURGESS Civic Hall, St Ives was the setting for this stylish event. The organisation from start to finish was excellent. I thank the Officials for the kindness and hospitality I received during my visit.

The competition is held in two parts with three Judges - starting at 4 p.m. with the puppies, followed by the adults, after judging a Dinner Dance took place which was enjoyed by all. Both Contests are run on a “Knockout” basis which makes it exciting and keeps everyone on their toes.

32 puppies (four absent) gave my co-judges, Nick Bryce-Smith and Moray Armstrong ample choice for quality.
Top Puppy went to the Norfolk Terrier Merander Twice As Nice For Jaeva, owned by Mr M Phillips, lovely red, liked the size and shape of this little extrovert, compact body, good neck and shoulder, broad skull, short muzzle, lovely dark eye, neat ears, good coat, moved soundly around the ring.

Reserve puppy, the Dobermann, Doberlane Glory Seka, owned by Miss Walsh, stylish elegant bitch who moved around the ring beautifully, good head on this b/t, well placed eyes, ears neat and well carried, good bite, firm body, stands on good legs and tight feet, shown in first class condition.

Top Dog went to the lovely Border Collie bitch, Merrybrook Benita at Nobite, owned by Mrs Judd, such a sound feminine bitch, shown in sparkling condition, well balanced, of good proportions, showing quality, gracefulness and such style, beautiful head, soft expression, in beautiful coat, her grooming and presentation was impeccable, she moved freely around the ring, extremely well handled.

Reserve the Norfolk Terrier, Ch. Jaeva Dutch Gold, owned by Messrs Gullick & Phillips, lovely type in excellent harsh coat, lovely expression, dark eye, broad skull, short muzzle, short coupled, sound mover, presentation first class.

32 Adults (three absent).

Joyce W Mann



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