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(Updated 09/03/01)

The East Anglian Super Match 2001

Taz takes top spot at 'stylish' Supermatch

By Alan Walker

The eleventh East Anglian Supermatch may not have been able to match the razzmatazz of the Golden Bone Awards, or arguably the prestige of Crufts, but was a true display of the crème de la crème of East Anglian dogdom. On this occasion however all profits go to the Woodgreen Animal Shelters, which in the past has paid for essential veterinary equipment and instrumentation.

Topping the final accolade in 2001 was Mrs. Bernadette Judd’s Border Collie, ‘Merrbrook Benita at Nonite’, alias Taz, who won a hard fought final round against Gullick and Phillips’s Norfolk Terrier ‘Ch. Jaeva Dutch Gold’. Martin Phillips’s Norfolk Terrier ‘Merander Twice as Nice for Jaeva’, had earlier won the puppy competition, with the reserve going to Miss Walsh’s Dobermann ‘Doberlane Glory Seka’.

The res. Best puppy (seen right)did not go away empty handed, as can be seen here with Miss S. Walsh’s Dobermann being presented by sponsor Annette Penny of AMP (Canine Care Grooming Videos) Productions.

Actually Taz had qualified twice for the East Anglian Supermatch winning Res. BIS at Bury St. Edmunds, but more importantly BIS at Kings Lynn under the auspices of judge Meg Purnell Carpenter. However Taz is no stranger to success, with two CC’s and also two res. CC,s, going Best Bitch and res. BIS at the Midland Border Collie Club show.

Best Puppy at the East Anglian Supermatch (seen left)was Martin Phillips’s Norfolk Terrier ‘Merander Twice as Nice for Jaeva’, seen here being presented with its crystal by Andrew Winfrow of Pedigree Masterfoods and Chairman Alison Mount.

All 64 dogs had to qualify by winning either BIS or BPIS at 16 of the East Anglian canine societies, from 32 dog shows; where a dog had already qualified the Res BIS was eligible. As the three judges took spells of judging eight pairings each, starting with Nick Bryce-Smith, this meant that the puppy final was selected by Moray Armstrong and the overall winner by Mrs. Joyce W. Mann.


From the reception, to the all-important draw, the match itself and through to the official presentations at the end, all ticked as smoothly as the movement of a Swiss watch. All credit to the Huntingdonshire Canine Society, but in particular to the organiser Ken Allen, who also did an excellent job of the programme, which fully explained the whole of the evening’s activities. Everything was catered for, both exhibits and handlers. There were even two of the staff from the Woodgreen Animal Shelter looking after the dogs in an adequately benched area adjoining the function room during the presentations, dinner and entertainment.

Throughout the Supermatch Bernard Hall did an excellent commentary, where he spilled the beans on all the exhibits, from the most embarrassing moments to their favourite food. Possibly the most up market was smoked salmon, but the declared overall favourite was chicken, which as Chicken a la Crème coincidentally was the main course of the succulent four course dinner served by Ramsay Outside Catering. It must have had all their mouths watering.

Commentary for the East Anglian Supermatch, was by the inimitable Bernard Hall seen here being ably assisted by his wife Rosemary.

The Public Relations Executive of Woodgreen Animal Shelters seen below with Chief Executive Dennis Baker OBE FlMgt and his wife Nerys Baker, at the promotional stand during the East Anglian Supermatch.


During the after dinner speeches the president of Huntingdonshire C.S., Tony Johnson, declared last year’s profit donated to Woodgreen Animal Shelters was £3,500 which was to pay towards ‘kitting out’ the X ray room. To follow, Andrew Winfrew of Pedigree Masterfoods told all of his employers’ pride at being associated with this charity. He then declared that because all the exhibits were of such good quality that he was sure they had all been fed on Pedigree dog foods!

In reply, Dennis Baker OBE, the chief executive of Wood Green Animal Shelters, thanked Huntingdonshire C.S. for its very welcome donation. He also thanked those present, for their forthcoming donation raised by this year’s Supermatch and very much hoped that he would be able to return in 2002 to thank all the exhibits in person. In conclusion Tony Johnson also thanked Ken Allen yet again for his contribution in organisation of this year’s East Anglian Supermatch.


The biggest draw of the night were the DIY raffle tickets, in which all participants put their names on £5 notes, which were drawn for prizes ranging from dog food to mobile phones to champagne through to a day at the races. This raised an additional £775 on the night, which could produce an estimated profit of around £2,000. What an excellent way of raising money. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening anyway. Many thanks to the Huntingdonshire Canine Society and in particular the organiser Ken Allen.



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