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(Updated 5/4/01)

KC Charitable Trust pays out 200K in Y2K

THE KENNEL Club’s Charitable Trust last year paid out grants totalling £203,216 to various organisations concerned with canine welfare. The figures are outlined in Issue 4 of the KC Charitable Trust’s own newsletter, The Appealer.

The Charitable Trust Appeal, founded in 1989 is the brainchild of KC Vice Chairman Peter Mann, who, along with many other KC notables, including Trustees, Mike Stockman, Brigadier John Clifford and Bernard Hall created the campaign to improve awareness of the Trust’s existence and the very great need for people to support the cause.
The Trust’s main objectives are bound up in the welfare of dogs and the people affected by them. It’s first stated objective is “To promote the advancement of education and science by furthering research into canine diseases and hereditary disorders of dogs and by promoting the dissemination of the useful result of such work.” An area in which the Charitable Trust has always been involved is the science and health of dogs. The Trust established the Kennel Club Health Foundation Fund, which provides funding specifically for research leading to the development of DNA tests for the identification and control of inherited diseases in dogs. This ties in closely with work carried out by the Animal Health Trust on the Canine Genome Project, reported on many times previously in OUR DOGS.

Since 1989, over £1,000,000 has been distributed to a variety of organisations, including the AHT, Greyhound Rescue, Support Dogs, PDSA, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Surgeons, Edinburgh University, Pro-Dogs, Canine Partners of Independence and Dogs for the Disabled.

This year’s recipients were as follows:

Animal Health Trust: £100,000
Bristol University: £ 25,000
Glasgow University: £ 13,200
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Nursing Bursaries: £6,000
PDSA: £5,500
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People: £9,319
Rosegate Sanctuary: £1,000
Blue Cross: £5,000
Canine Partners for Independence: £7,697
University of Glasgow (Lick Granuloma research): £6,500
Ashbourne & District Animal Welfare Society: £5,000
Greyhound Rescue - West of England: £5,000
Support Dogs: £5,000
National Canine Defence League: £5,000
Waggy Tails Rescue: £1,000
The Cinnamon Trust: £2,000
DAWGS: £1,000
Total: £203,216
(Previous years’ grants
1999: £212,438
1998: £141,200
1997: £107,050)