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(Updated 4/4/01)

Kennel Club advice regarding the ‘knock on’ effects of the postponement and cancellation of shows and events

Many canine events throughout the country are being rescheduled as a result of the current Foot and Mouth disease crisis. The Kennel Club has already issued detailed guidance notes on the necessary procedures for society secretaries for the postponement or cancellation of events. To further reassure societies, judges and exhibitors of The Kennel Club’s support, the following guidance on the repercussions of postponements and cancellations is offered:-

Judges affected by clashes between a re-scheduled event and an existing appointment
1. The judge must make both show societies aware of the clash and all parties must seek to satisfactorily resolve the problem.
2. In principle, the society organising the re-scheduled event must accept that their judge may have another existing contract which he/she would not wish to break. However, where a Championship Show has been rescheduled to take place on the date of an Open Show, the organisers of the Open Show must appreciate that the judge may prefer to retain their appointment at the Championship Show.
3. In view of the present circumstances, The Kennel Club is taking a flexible and accommodating approach and would not seek to penalise judges thus affected for breach of contract. All parties concerned are advised to take a common sense approach.
4. Some judges may find that overseas appointments are similarly affected, and we would advise that the above guidance should be followed where appropriate.

Kennel Club Regulation F3 - Requirement for a three per class average for General Canine Society Open Shows and Agricultural Society Open Shows
1. General Canine Societies and Agricultural Societies are required to continue to submit the declaration form to The Kennel Club on the class average at Open Shows.
2. The General Committee will exercise its discretion on the imposition of penalties relating to shows which do not achieve the three per class average. The Kennel Club will take full account of the effect upon show attendance of the current crisis, and societies may rest assured that all cases will be treated sympathetically.

Submission of Annual Returns by Registered Societies
The Kennel Club recognises that some societies may not be able to meet the July 31 deadline for Annual Returns due to the postponement of Annual General Meetings. Those societies which have found it necessary to reschedule their AGMs and will not consequently be able to submit returns on time are requested to notify the Registered Societies Department in writing, with an indication as to when returns are likely to be received. Full guidance on the rescheduling of AGMs was given in a previous press release - please contact The Kennel Club for a copy if required.