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(Updated 5/4/01)

Minister meets greyhound welfare delegation

MIKE O’BRIEN, the Home Office minister responsible for animal welfare, met a deputation on behalf of the welfare racing greyhounds on March 29 at the House of Commons.

The delegation included Lord Lipsey accompanied by his retired greyhound, Zak, the current Westminster Dog of the Year; Jim Fitzpatrick MP; and Annette Crosbie, co-star of ‘One Foot in the Grave’ and who is an active campaigner on behalf of retired greyhounds. The delegation is to urge the minister to put pressure on the industry to do more to promote the welfare of racing greyhounds, and in particular, to do more to ensure that retired dogs are where possible rehomed.

Ahead of the delegation, Lord Lipsey said earlier this week, “The industry must get its act together on this. Otherwise, legislation to control it - or even a move to ban greyhound racing - will eventually become inevitable.”
Mr O’Brien commented: “The Government is concerned about the issue of greyhound welfare. This must be a matter for the greyhound industry to resolve. I know that work has already been done by the idustry to improve the welfare of greyhounds, both during their racing life and upon their retirement from the track. I would strongly urge the industry to build upon this work.”