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(Updated 15/5/01)

News from the SKC

May show

Although the final count has still to be made, it is clear that more dogs have entered the Scottish Kennel Club May Show than last year. It is likely that the entry will be close to that of two years ago. The Club wishes to thank all those exhibitors who have supported this year’s show and assures them that, in view of the continuing foot and mouth epidemic, precautionary measures will be in force at Ingliston. The Royal Highland & Agricultural Society has given its full support to the Show carrying on as normal.

Details of the precautionary measures will be announced shortly and exhibitors should check their passes for information. A reminder is also given to display car park stickers on arrival otherwise car park officials will require payment of the entrance fee of £2. It is emphasised that the fee is payable to the Royal Highland Society to assist in the future improvement of the car park.


A record entry has also been received for the Club’s agility show, also being held at Ingliston. This is the first championship agility show and an exciting event is promised. The same precautionary measures will apply on arrival.


There will be a separate SKC promotional stand at the show this year. Details of membership will be available and joining arrangements can be made on the day. A range of promotional goods will also be available.

Club Ballots

A number of club ballots have recently been carried out and is intended to extend this service to registered clubs and societies. It is recognised that a completely independent approach to ballots for committee and officials would be of value to clubs and the office has the resources to deal with the count arrangements. A suitable price structure is currently being compiled but is intended that the cost will be relatively nominal.


Work has commenced on the Club’s new headquarters and completion is expected in the summer. Building work will restrict car parking from time to time but spaces will still be available for visitors to the office.