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(Updated 14/5/01)

Wanted - Pets with personalities and animals with attitude!

Following the fantastic success of Popstars the search is on for Pets and Animals to feature in Petstars a new television programme to be screened internationally.

We know that people own some fantastic pets, animals who are really talented and we’re giving them the opportunity to shine out on television they can even audition for a commercial if they’re so inclined. We’ve come across the rabbit which opens the fridge door and get his own lettuce, the cockatiel which thinks its Elvis, the border collie which packs her ownweekend suitcase - lead, collar, bowl and bonio and carries it to the car, there’s the golf caddying Llama, the horse that can count, the mongrel that serves down at the local ... and she who must be obeyed.

We know there are a lot more. So please tell us about your pet with the star qualities. It can be big or small, feathered, scaled or furry, cuddly or cantankerous. Tell us what is unusual and why we should come and film your talented Petstar in action - you can even send us a photo or write to Gemma Dobson at
Petstars GHCC, First Floor, 3 Rosemary Lane, Richmond DL10 4DP
or e-mail