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(Updated 14/5/01)

British judges in car crash

Bob Brampton, Laurie Hunt and Mick Howes had a close brush with death after travelling to the Ukraine to judge at the Europa Sieger Show in Kiev on 29th April. 

The judging went well but on the following day after leaving the reception given by Stanislav Novalny President of the United Kennel Club’s International, the car carrying Bob, Laurie and an interpreter went out of control, rolled over onto its roof, brought down a concrete power supply pillar and finally came to rest on the grass verge with the live power cables dangling nearby. 

Laurie Hunt walked away with cuts and bruises whilst Bob Brampton sustained lacerations to his legs, arms, cracked ribs and bruises.  Mick Howes, who was travelling in the second vehicle, managed to pull Bob, who was unconscious, to safety. 

The interpreter suffered concussion but has since been released from hospital. 

All are now safely back in the UK.