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(Updated 14/5/01)

Tiggy makes her mark on Malandra

TIGGY, a twenty week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross from NCDL Leeds Rehoming Centre has found herself a new loving home with Emmerdale star Malandra Burrows. Tiggy was handed in to the centre five weeks ago after her family could not cope with her. Since visiting NCDL Leeds last October Malandra has been a regular visitor to the centre and recently decided that it was the right time for a new dog in her life, and so it was that Tiggy found herself a new home.

Malandra says: “Tiggy is a great dog, I’m glad that I am fortunate enough to be able to give a rescue dog a home. She is a very lively dog who is into everything, but wonderful to have around.”

Despite the foot and mouth crisis NCDL Leeds is still open for rehoming and currently has over 100 dogs all waiting for loving new homes. Assistant Manager Wendy Joy says, “Tiggy is such a lovely dog and we are glad she has gone to such a wonderful home. We know she will be well looked after.”

“Footfall through the Centre has decreased dramatically since the Foot and Mouth crisis began. We hope that by showing people that we are still open and still rehoming we can encourage more people to come forward. We have a long waiting list and for every dog we rehome we can fill their space in the kennels twice over.”