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(Updated 20/5/01)

Crufts judging changes

THE KENNEL Club has announced the following changes of judge at Crufts show next week.

The Kennel Club confirms that Mrs J C Waring will be judging Retriever (Curly Coated) and Mrs E A Fanshawe (formerly Legg) will be judging Spaniel (Field).

Crufts Provisional Order of Judging

The Committee reserves the right to alter the Order of Judging at the Show.
All judging will commence at 9.00 am
Any alteration in commencement of judging times will be notified as detailed in Rule 7.
Hall Ring Breed Judge
1 1 Fox Terrier (Smooth)† Mr J. Watson
Fox Terrier (Wire) Mr P. Winfield
1 2 Kerry Blue Terrier Mrs F.A. Somerfield
Scottish Terrier Mr R. Taylor *Cesky Terrier Mrs A. Kennedy
1 3 Parson Russell Terrier Mrs P.M. Grayson
Lakeland Terrier Mrs B.E. Greenway
1 4 Skye Terrier Mr W.F. Goodman (USA)
Welsh Terrier Mrs J. Averis
Irish Terrier Mr K. Anderson
1 5 Australian Terrier Mr F. Jones
Airedale Terrier Mr M.F. Harris
*Glen of Imaal Terrier Mr H. Gay
1 6 Bedlington Terrier Mrs M.H. Phillips
Manchester Terrier Mrs B. Beales
1 7 Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Dogs) Mrs D. Berry
1 8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Bitches) Mr G. Holmes
2 9 Cairn Terrier Mr J. Wilson
2 10 Border Terrier Mr T.A.G. Knight
2 11 Norfolk Terrier Mrs A. Burdon
Sealyham Terrier Mrs B. Garbutt
Norwich Terrier Miss K.A. Bentley
2 12 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mrs P. Cross Stern
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Miss I.V. Paterson
2 13 Bull Terrier Mr D.C. Merriam (USA)
Bull Terrier (Miniature) Mr D.C. Merriam (USA)
2 14 West Highland White Terrier Mrs M.K. Greening
4 15 Afghan Hound (Dogs) Mrs W.J.Bunce
4 16 Afghan Hound (Bitches) Mrs D. Courtney
4 17 Whippet (Dogs)† Mrs J.M. North-Row
4 18 Whippet (Bitches) Mrs K. Thomas
4 19/20 Irish Wolfhound Mr A. Killykeen-Doyle (Eire)
4 21 Dachshund (Smooth Haired) Mrs K. Bethel
Dachshund (Min. Smooth Haired) Mr L. Hammond
4 22 Dachshund (MinWire Haired) Mr D. Smith
Dachshund (Wire Haired) Mr J.V. Crawford
4 23 Dachshund (Min Long Haired) Mrs V. Skinner
4 24 Dachshund (Long Haired) Mrs S.D.A. Gatheral-Graham
*Hamiltonstövare Miss A. Goddard
4 25 Saluki Mrs J. Bullock
4 26 Beagle Mr S.C. Milner
5 27 Borzoi Mrs M.M. Spavin
5 28 Elkhound Dr M. Boggia-Black
Greyhound Mrs Z. Thorn-Andrews
5 29 Rhodesian Ridgeback Mrs M.J. Parkin
5 30 Deerhound Mrs S. Piggott
Bloodhound Mr R.A. Hutchinson
5 31 Basset Hound Mrs D. Campbell
5 32 Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Mr B.W. Reynolds-Frost
*Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Mrs Y.P. Dean
*Basset Fauve de Bretagne Mrs Y.P. Dean
5 33 Otterhound Miss A. Roslin-Williams
Finnish Spitz Mrs A. Cawthera-Purdy
*Sloughi Mr R. Vuorinen (Finland)
*Foxhound Mr R. Vuorinen (Finland)
5 34 Basenji Mr M. Quinney
Ibizan Hound Mrs B. Stoneham
Pharaoh Hound Mrs Z. Rawson
3 KCJO KCJO Stakes Finals (Terrier) Mr E. Hulme
KCJO KCJO Stakes Finals (Hound) Mr E. Hulme
Main Ring Obedience Championships Mrs K. Ingham

Hall Ring Breed Judge
1 1 Dalmatian Mr J.T. Wholey
1 2 Shih Tzu Ms M.A. Cole
1 3/4 Japanese Akita Mrs M.M. Spavin
1 5 Lhasa Apso Mr K.S. Woosnam
1 6 German Spitz (Mittel) Mrs P. Cross Stern
German Spitz (Klein) Mrs P. Cross Stern
1 7 Japanese Spitz Mr J.M. Cross
Schnauzer Miss J.M. Lanning 1 8 Miniature Schnauzer Mrs G.Y. Allen
2 9 Chow Chow Mr T. Wright
Schipperke Mr S. Plane 2 10 Japanese Shiba Inu Mr J. Neath
French Bulldog Mr C.A. Satchell
2 11 Poodle (Toy) Mr J. Outterside
2 12 Poodle (Miniature)† Mrs C.E. Coxall
2 13 Bulldog Mr G. Walsh
2 14 Poodle (Standard) Miss K.W. Rees
4 15 Keeshond Mrs J. Hardcastle
Boston Terrier Mr E.M. Paterson
4 16 Shar Pei Mrs B. Banbury
*Canaan Dog Mr P Jolley
4 17 Tibetan Spaniel Lady Dalrymple-Hay
4 18 Tibetan Terrier Mr K.D. Sinclair
4 19 Italian Greyhound Mrs V. Ford
Japanese Chin Mr G.S. Kahn (USA)
4 20 Maltese Mrs D.M. Palmer
Miniature Pinscher Mrs F.M. Tuckwell
4 21 Pekingese Miss J.B. Shipley
4 22 Pug Miss K. Cooper
4 23 Bichon Frisé Mrs P. Holbrook O'Hara
4 24 Chinese Crested Mrs E.M. Parker
4 25 Chihuahua (Long Coat) Mr E. Hulme
4 26 Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)† Mrs V. Gillott
5 27 Pomeranian Mrs L. Webster
5 28 Papillon Mr M. W. Hutchings
5 29 Affenpinscher Mrs B. Flavell
English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Mr A. Wight
5 30 Griffon Bruxellois† Mr P. Hawkins
*Australian Silky Terrier Mrs A. Oliver
*Havanese Mrs A. Oliver
5 31 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mr P. Watkins
5 32 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mr E. Fearnley
5 33 Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Mrs E. Spavin-Harrison
King Charles Spaniel Mrs M.G. Beck
5 34 Yorkshire Terrier Mrs D.A. Johnson
3 KCJO KCJO Stakes Finals (Toy) Mr E. Hulme
KCJO KCJO Stakes Finals (Utility) Mr E.Hullme
Main Ring Obedience Championships (Dogs) Mrs K. Ingham

Hall Ring Breed Judge

1 1 Irish Setter (Dogs) Mrs B. Evans
1 2 Irish Setter (Bitches) Mrs R.J. Pike
1 3 English Setter (Dogs) Mrs V.A. Watkin
1 4 English Setter (Bitches) Mr C. Davies
1 5 Irish Red & White Setter† Mrs P.E. Perriam
1 6 Gordon Setter Mrs Y. Horrocks
1 7/8 Pointer Mrs J.R. Richards
2 9/10 German Shorthaired Pointer Mrs M.J. Bates
2 11/12 Weimaraner Mrs S.M. Marshall
2 13 German Wirehaired Pointer† Mrs V.O. Foss
2 14 Hungarian Vizsla Mrs A. Webster
*Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Mrs A. Webster
4 15/16 Gamekeepers' Classes Mrs J. Andrews
Mr J. Stubbs
4 17 Spaniel (American Cocker) Mrs C.M. Bett
4 18 Italian Spinone Mrs V.J. Woodward
Spaniel (Sussex) Mrs D.M. Barney
4 19/20 Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Mr J.S. Thirwell
4 21 Spaniel (Clumber)† Mr D.O. Hirst
4 22 Spaniel (Irish Water) Mrs C.P. Baxter
Spaniel (Field) Mrs E A Fanshawe
4 23/24 Spaniel (English Springer) Mrs P. Wadsworth
4 25 Spaniel (Cocker) (Dogs) Mr E.W. Darby
4 26 Spaniel (Cocker) (Bitches) Miss J.M. Walker
5 27 Brittany Mr R. Greenwood
Large Munsterlander Mr R. Butler
5 28 Retriever (Curly Coated)† Mrs J C Waring
*Retriever (Chesapeake Bay) Mr C. Atkinson
5 29 Retriever (Flat Coated) (Dogs) Mrs S.M. Johnson
5 30 Retriever (Flat Coated) (Bitches) Mrs J.E. Griffiths
5 31 Retriever (Labrador) (Dogs) Mrs M.R. Hewitt
5 32 Retriever (Labrador) (Bitches) Mrs J. Cole
5 33 Retriever (Golden) (Dogs) Mr J.M. Clark
5 34 Retriever (Golden) (Bitches)†† Mrs C.E. Zingg
3 KCJO KCJO Stakes Finals (Gundog) Mr E. Hulme
Main Ring Inter Regional Obedience Competition Mr P. Lubbi

Hall Ring Breed Judge

1 1 Bearded Collie (Dogs) Miss R.G. Scott
1 2 Bearded Collie (Bitches) Mr K. Young
1 3 Collie Rough (Dogs) Mrs H.R. Hunt
1 4 Collie Rough (Bitches) Mr R. Vuorinen (Finland)
1 5 Norwegian Buhund Mrs S.A. Franks
Collie (Smooth) Mrs C.H. Leach
*Australian Cattle Dog Mrs R.M. Cartwright
1 6 Maremma Sheepdog Mrs C.L. Roe
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Mr M. Redlicki (Poland)
*Anatolian Shepherd Dog Mr M.T. Reed
*Estrela Mountain Dog Mr M.T. Reed
1 7 Border Collie (Dogs) Mr J. Kirk
1 8 Border Collie (Bitches) Mrs C.E. Coxall
2 9 G.S.D. (Alsatian) Mr J. Carter
2 10 Briard† Miss J.M. Lanning
*Komondor Mrs A.E. Lacey
2 11 Shetland Sheepdog (Dogs) Mrs C. Ferguson
2 12 Shetland Sheepdog (Bitches) Mr H. Lie (Norway)
2 13 Samoyed Mrs E.T. Pont
2 14 Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) Miss K.M. McIlherene
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Miss K.M. McIlherene
*Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois) Miss K.M. McIlherene
*Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Miss K.M. McIlherene
4 15 Pyrenean Mountain Dog Mrs A.H. Smith
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Mrs N.J. Tonkyn
4 16 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Mrs B.M. Ellis
4 17 Old English Sheepdog Mrs R. Wilkinson
4 18 Lancashire Heeler Mr N.J. Ziman
*Australian Shepherd Mr J. James
4 19 Swedish Vallhund Dr M. Boggia-Black
Hungarian Puli Mrs J.V. Evans
*Hungarian Kuvasz Mr T. Munro
4 20 Bouvier des Flandres† Mr J. McManus
*Portuguese Water Dog Mrs P. Chadwick 4 21 Giant Schnauzer Mrs C.P. Craig
*Tibetan Mastiff Mrs S. Garner
*German Pinscher Mrs P. Chadwick
4 22 St. Bernard Mr J.L. Boulden
*Alaskan Malamute Mr A.H. Brace
4 23 Dobermann (Dogs) Mrs J.A. Perry
*Hovawart Mr J.R. Sharpe
4 24 Dobermann (Bitches) Mrs A. Bradley
*Neapolitan Mastiff Mr J. James
4 25 Bullmastiff Mr S. Ford
4 26 Mastiff Mr C. Habig (Germany)
*Leonberger Mrs G. Smith
5 27 Newfoundland†† Mrs P. Cross Stern
5 28 Siberian Husky†† Mrs Z. Thorn-Andrews
*Greenland Dog Mrs Z. Thorn-Andrews
5 29 Boxer (Dogs) Mr G Nielsen
5 30 Boxer (Bitches) Mrs A. Kennett
5 31 Great Dane†† Mrs F.A. Somerfield
5 32 Bernese Mountain Dog Mrs C. Hartley
5 33 Rottweiler (Dogs) Mr D. Harding
5 34 Rottweiler (Bitches) Mrs V.E. Slade
3 KCJO KCJO Stakes Final (Working) Mr E. Hulme
3 KCJO KCJO Stakes Final (Pastoral) Mr E. Hulme
Main Ring Inter-Regional Obedience Competition Mr P. Lubbi

* Denotes breeds without Challenge Certificates
† Denotes 10am start
†† Denotes 8.30am start