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(Updated 20/5/01)

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales re-schedules

IT IS with great pleasure that I can now inform all exhibitors who have entered our Championship show, originally scheduled for Saturday 21st April 2001, that we have now been given he go ahead by the Royal Welsh Showground, MAFF and the Kennel Club to re-schedule our Championship show to Saturday 16th June 2001. This of course was Border Union weekend, which was cancelled.

As per Kennel Club regulations, the entries which were received for April 21st will stand unchanged. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept any new entries or change dogs around in classes, so please do not ring up and ask us.

Passes, as usual, will be sent out the week before the show, with precautionary advice leaflets from the showground. Please read it and make special note of the contents because it is important to the Foot & Mouth crisis. The showground have also informed us that they will provide disinfectant mats for cars to travel over.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all exhibitors, trade stand holders and judges for their tolerance and perseverance. This last few months have not been easy and we have been working daily to try and re-schedule the show within the 12 week period allocated by the Kennel Club. Thanks must also be given to Kelly Prosset of the Kennel Club and her department for all their help. Special thanks must go to South Wales Kennel Association, especially Bob and Isobel Dyke for the time and effort they gave to try and help us re-schedule our show around their show date. It's good to know we can all work together in a crisis.

Please appreciate we only have five weeks to re-schedule the show and will be very busy during this time. Please do not ring us unless it is of a very urgent nature. Anyone wishing to steward please contact Jeff Thomas Tel: 01639-637368.

We look forward to welcoming you all on Saturday 16th June.
Gordon Rual, Chairman