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(Updated 20/5/01)

Discover the 'Domino Effect' at Crufts 2001

At Crufts, between the 25th - 28th May at the NEC, Birmingham, The Kennel Club and other concerned dog lovers will be further raising the publics' awareness regarding the plight of dogs currently being persecuted around the world by launching their 'Domino Campaign' on Stand 100 in Hall 5. Make sure you visit the stand on your travels around the show, to pledge your support to this very worthwhile campaign.

The name DOMINO refers to the Domino Effect - the way that anti-dog legislation appears to be sweeping the globe, having a knock on effect from country to country, dog to dog.

This initiative follows the success of 'The Dogs At Risk in Europe' (DARE) stand at Discover Dogs and the subsequent campaign that concluded in December last year with The Kennel Club, MEPs and dog owners marching to Downing Street to deliver a letter and petition.

Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary of The Kennel Club, "DOMINO has evolved from DARE and the need to extend the initial campaign to the whole of the world, rather than just Europe. We have continued to forge close links with the original parties who were instrumental in making the stand at Discover Dogs such a resounding success and the DOMINO campaign will continue at Crufts and beyond, to ensure that this situation continues to be closely monitored and protested strongly against."


The Kennel Club continues to receive kind offers of support and donations from enquirers. These funds are being used to best advantage in the fight to oppose Breed Specific Legislation throughout the world.

If you would like to make a donation, simply visit the stand in Hall 5, or alternatively send cheques / POs made payable to The Kennel Club (DOMINO) to: Press Office, DOMINO Fund, c/o The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged.

Contact for further Information: Phil Buckley, Press Office, 0207 518 1020