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(Updated 25/5/01)

Now KC members' fees set to rise?

OUR DOGS has learnt that the Kennel Club General Committee is about to recommend a significant rise in fees to its 750 members. The current membership fee of 95 which went up from 75 in the early 1990s is expected to rise to 150 with effect from January 1st 2002.

The rise of more than 50% is expected to be justified by the increased cost of administration, printed matter which includes Kennel Club Stud Books and Year Books and also enhanced facilities at the recently 1.7 million refurbished Mayfair Clubhouse and offices.

The refurbished club rooms which opened three weeks ago have attracted a mixed reception with some criticism allegedly being levelled at the Club Committee for the various changes that had been made.

The subject is expected to provoke some debate at their forthcoming AGM on Wednesday June 6th.