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World Dog Show 2001
7,200 dogs from all over the world will meet in Portugal, in June 2001

FOR THE first time, in 2001, Portugal welcomes the World Dog Show, at Oporto.

Organised by the Clube Portugues de Canicultura (The Portuguese Kennel Club), the World Dog Show 2001 will take place at the Oporto International Exhibition Centre (Exponor), from the 8th to the 10th June.

Seven thousand-one-hundred and eighty dogs representing 290 breeds from 50 countries all over the world will be there Ð including some rare breeds. Top entries are: Rottweilers, 196; Poodles, 170; Golden Retrievers, 158; Boxers, 153; Great Danes, 155; Siberian Huskies, 141; Cocker Spaniels, 136; American Staffordshire Terriers, 131; Great Schnauzers, 110; Scottish Terrier, 96; Labrador Retrievers, 95; German Shepherd Dogs, 90; Yorkshire Terriers, 85; Medium Schnauzers, 80; and Alaskan Malamutes, 75.

Top entries
Portuguese breeds are well represented, more than 250 dogs Ð several of them coming from other European countries, and the USA. Top entries of Portuguese breeds are: the Serra de Estrela Mountain Dog/C‹o da Serra da Estrela, 73; Saint Miguel Cattle Dog/C‹o de Fila de S‹o Miguel, 42; Portuguese Sheepdogs /C‹o de Serra de Aires, 37; Portuguese Warren Hounds/Podengos Portugueses, 32; Portuguese Water Dog/C‹o de Agua, 29; Castro Loboreiro Dog/C‹o de Castro Laboreiro; and the Portuguese Pointing Dog/Perdigueiro Portugues (both with 16 entries) and the Alentejo Mastiff/Rafeiro do Alentejo, 6.

The show will involve 290 people, including 82 judges (from 25 countries); 107 ring stewards; show secretaries; exhibitors; support services; visitor information workers; medical centre staff; veterinary assistance; computer services; press office; sound, lighting and video teams; and security.

More than 80 institutional and trade stands will be present, covering a wide range of pet products and services, that will interest all exhibitors and the anticipated 40,000 visitors of the World Dog Show 2001. Various Portuguese breed associations will also have their own stands for promoting their breeds. Two-hundred-and-fifty reporters, photographers and TV crews from Australia, Brazil, Canada, several European countries, Japan and the USA will be covering the show.

On Sunday afternoon, June 10th, in the main ring, the Show Finals will take place, followed by the official FCI flag handover from Portugal to Holland, where the World Dog Show 2002 will be held.

Several Potuguese musical and cultural events will also be taking place in the main ring, and all activities will be broadcast by video walls and television throughout the Oporto Exhibition Centre.

Coinciding with the World Dog Show, at the same venue, will be the World Obedience Championship 2001, with several national teams from Europe and South American countries.

Principal Official Sponsor

The official sponsors of the World Dog Show 2001 are Pedigree (principal official sponsor); City Halls of Oporto and Matosinhos; ICEP, Portuguese Board of Tourism; SIC Television; AVIS Rent-a-Car; and Oporto International Exhibition Centre (Exponor).

Further information can be requested from the Portuguese Kennel Club or through a visit to the official website at www.cpc.pt/2001

Clube Portugues De Canicultura,
Rua Frei Carlos, 7,
1600 - 095 Lisbon,
Tel: ++ 351 217 994 790
Fax: ++ 351 217 994 799


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