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updated 2/11/01
Fireworks cause chaos at Dogs' Home

EARLY BONFIRE night celebrations are causing fireworks at Manchester Dogs' Home. On Monday of last week, over forty dogs were admitted to the home.

The Manchester Dogs Home Itself was suffering due to local children being off school for the half-term holidays. The children were throwing fireworks onto roofs of the kennels and the explosions were terrifying the dogs.

The home appeals to the public to KEEP YOUR DOGS INSIDE AWAY FROM FIREWORKS.

They also appealed to the public to visit the home to claim their dogs - there are over 175 dogs on the Rehoming Row. These dogs had a home only last week.

The Manchester Dogs Home is situated at Crofter's house, Moss Brook Road, off Church Lane, Harphurey, Manchester, M9 5PG; tel 0161-205 2874 and is open seven days a week for the rehoming of lost and abandoned dogs.