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updated 2/11/01
Recognition for line advice

People and Dogs Society is pleased to announce they are fully fledged members of the Telephone Helplines Association. We are hoping that our new status as THA members will encourage people to recognise the value of the work that we do and support it with offers of help and donations.

The People and Dogs Society (PADS) is a charity which promotes responsible dog ownership by providing practical, common-sense help for those with dog related problems. They do this by running telephone help lines which act as a sort of Samaritans cum Citizens Advice Bureau for all those with dog related worries and through their series of free leaflets - the "Code of Caring".

They are under considerable pressure to expand the service but Chairman Debbie Waller says this is proving difficult due to lack of funds. "PADS is run on a shoe string budget by volunteers who raise all our funds between work and family commitments", she explained. "We get no handouts or grants of any kind and because we concentrate on improving standards of acre by owners rather than on re-homing dogs we sometimes miss out on the sympathy factor which attracts support to other dog charities. Nevertheless we helped solve over 7000 dog related problems last year and we think that that is worth supporting."

Anyone interested in helping the society please contact PADS at Bernfold, 45B Ashgap Lane, Normanton, WF6 2DT or telephone 01924-897732/01977-678593.