KC members to consider fee increases

Members of the Kennel Club will gather on tuesday November 20th at their Bi-annual General meeting to vote on whether a number of Kennel Club fees should be raised.

The main fee to be affected is that of puppy registration which could mean an increase from the current £10 to £12. When the puppy reaches twelve months the fee could be upped by £10 from £50 to £60.

The KC will also make the proposal of two new fees; adding another interest to an affix may cost £25, and a fee which would allow breed clubs to reserve historically significant affixes for 50 years would cost £50.

Other fees which have proposed increases include: obedience and working trials register from the current £7 to £12; re-registration up from £6 to £10; transfer from £9 to £10; change of name (addition of affix) £7 to £8; other change of name £25 to £30; export pedigree £30 to £40; authority to compete, for overseas exhibits £10 to £12.

Affixes would also be affected by the changes; with the registration of affix fee increasing from £45 to £50 with annual maintenance set to rise from £15 to £20, unless the payment is made by direct debit, in which case the maintenance fee would up from £12 to £17.

Proposed change

Other matters due to be covered in the meeting include a proposed change by the General Committee for A43 disciplinary cases when they follow a court conviction.

As the ruling stands defendants may ‘submit a written statement regarding the circumstances of the case’, with no hearing allowed.

If the rule is amended it will give defendants the same opportunity for an oral hearing as in rule A42 in which the hearing is in the presence of the General Committee. In this instance the General Committee have the power to delegate the hearing to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee or Disciplinary Sub-Committee of Scotland as is appropriate.

Following the hearing the defendant is then able, if they wish to do so, to appeal against the outcome at a tribunal made up of members of the General Committee.

There is also a small amendment to the nominations of persons to the Judges and Breed Standards Sub-Committee. If passed, Breed council representatives for each group would be required to nominate at least two persons (as opposed to the current three) who shall be members or show associates with special knowledge of the group.

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