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New 'Breed' of symposium on
pet health proves a success

Over 230 dog breeders from across the UK attended the first Breeders' Symposium jointly organised by the Kennel Club. The British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association on Sunday 28th October at the University of Warwick. the event was organised to provide breeders with the latest thinking and research on canine health.

Many interesting facts emerged during the symposium including, for instance, Tim Nuttall from University of Liverpool Veterinary School, and a founder member of the Pet Allergy Association, estimated that around 700,000 dogs (10% of dog population) suffered from allergic skin conditions.

"We were amazed at the overwhelming response from dog owners and breeders" says Jeff Sampson, Chairman, the Kennel Club's Genetics Co-Ordinator. "Clearly there is a great need for up to the minute canine health information."

Other main areas for discussion from the highly respected canine health experts included:

Professor Gary England, well known by breeders, discussed some of his latest research on male and female canine reproduction.

Dr John Lowe, an independent nutritionist, looked at the arguments for and against home prepared and commercial diets, addressing some of the myths surrounding nutrition.

John Innes, Professor of Small Animal Studies (surgery) at the University of Liverpool Veterinary School, said that many bone disorders seen in the past are now very rare thanks to the improvements and developments in dog nutrition and commercial diets.

Annelise Stell, who has just finished a three years residency in Clinical Veterinary Oncology at Queens Veterinary School Hospital, provided a clear look at lymphoma, which is a malignant tumour of the lymphoid organs, affecting the lymph nodes, liver, spleen, bone marrow and a variety of other organs.