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Stuart's new art exhibition

A preview of a fine art exhibition on the works of Stuart J Mallard will be held on Friday 23rd November at 'Manna House', 8 Mansfield Road, Croswell, Worksop, Notts from 6-9pm. The exhibition will then continue over the weekend of the 24th and 25th November between 11 and 5pm (other days/times by arrangement). For more information on the event you can phone on 01909-722141 or email If you are unable to visit the exhibition there will be some pieces available for viewing on the website

Stuart J. Mallard writes:-

Surrounded by a beautiful environment and a 'menagerie' of animals it seemed natural to me as a youngster to want to capture in paint those things that were closest to my heart.

As a teenager I was incredibly fortunate to have an art teacher who nurtured me, indeed planted the seed of my becoming a painter.

I studied art at West Sussex College of Art & Craft and thence into graphic design where I worked for some of the world's top agencies. Working in the capital I was frequently to be found in our National Gallery where, often for hours, I admired many of the old masters - Turner, Greco, Angelo, Leonardo etc., etc.

I have always been close to nature and my favourite getaway is to find a spot close to quiet water and just sit and watch. Wildlife, and dogs in particular, have featured powerfully in my life so it is natural that many of my paintings reflect this.

Art is often a statement by an artist and is sometimes difficult for others to interpret. I believe as an artist one can be selective - for me personally art represents the beauty around me which I am happy to share with those who appreciate my work.